Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baby, Let Me See That Smile!

Adorable Newborn baby pictures - all the rage right now. From posing your unswaddled child in a basket to dressing him or her in hats and sacks has become a must for newbie mom's. I must admit, I am one of those mom's and immediately began researching professional infant photographers to capture Daven in his first few days of life. If only one week old's were able to travel 4 hours, Daven would have made his first road trip to Tallahassee to have these pictures taken. There are a plethora of AMAZING photographers in Tallahasee and I have fallen head over heels for their work! Unfortunately that would just be cruel so I had to limit my photographer search to the greater Tampa Bay area. Lucky for us, we found an awesome photographer through family friends and were very pleased with his work!

Remember, the point of these pictures is to capture your little one within their first few days of life - no problem right? Hah - you haven't met Daven yet! The little man with a BIG personality! Daven inherited his stubborness from not one, but both of his parents - he wants what he wants, when he wants it. Yes, even at four days of age when his life consists of eating, sleeping, and pooping, he decided he did not, may I repeat, DID NOT want to have his picture taken.

A GIGANTIC thank you to Jason Angelini for his patience and time extension to try and capture these must have pictures. Jason was so wonderful to work with through this whole process and did capture some awesome pictures - even the ones of Daven crying turned out well and provide Nathan and I with a memory of that day! I can already hear our second child asking why they never got cute pictures like their big brother Daven...oh non-existent second child you - trust me, you are much better off this way! :)

To see a more shots from our photo shoot with Daven, please click here.

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