Monday, March 26, 2012

Wanted: Mommy Friends Part II

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We took the boys (Cooper and Daven) to the Bird Key dog park to play in the beautiful blue water and enjoy a nice relaxing sunset. Even after Cooper decided to shake all over Daven and me, we still had a nice little family outing!

Fast forward to today and Daven and I experienced our first Mommy and Me meet-up! We met four other young mom's at a park not far from our house to walk and talk. Unbekownst to most, I am a VERY shy person when it comes to meeting new people in a social setting. I get really nervous and hold your breath - quiet! I know, hard to believe that I can actually be quiet for longer than a minute! Luckily, the women I met today were very welcoming and we had a wonderful time - enough to meet up with a couple of them again on Wednesday! Again, I found myself thinking about how much my life has changed in such a short period of time! Gone are the days of board meetings, answering emails, and scheduling meetings. Now, I get to enjoy the fresh outdoors, run errands with the geriatric population fo Sarasota (which is much more pleasant than running them on a Saturday with ALL of the Sarasota population!), and enjoy watching my lil man grow and change each and every day!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Attack of the Lizard

Like any dog, Cooper loves to chase Lizards and he won't give up until a) he catches it, or b) we make him come inside. Well, this little guy wasn't backing down from the big hairy giant that wouldn't let him sun in peace! Mr. Lizard did a mighty fine job of putting Cooper in his place by consistently biting him each time he got near! Cooper spent the next hour chasing this tough guy around the Lanai and barking at him....oh what a site! 

Side note: The Lizard won :)

Wanted: Mommy Friends

Happy Friday Family and Friends! Well, Monday, March 19th marked the end of my three month maternity leave. Although I turned in my resignation 5 weeks earlier, it was somewhat surreal knowing I was not returning to the office this week. I am so happy with my decision and LOVE being at home with my son. Being able to wake up, take my boys for a morning stroll and enjoy the beautiful outdoors makes me feel so blessed! I give major props to all the working momma's out you juggle a baby and work is beyond me and I think I'm pretty good at multi-tasking!

In light of this realization, I decided it was time to begin researching Stay at Home Mom Outlets and Mommy and Me get togethers. To my surprise I found a multitude of forums in the Sarasota area! I'm sure you can imagine my excitement to find a group dedicated to Mom's who love to run...obviously I contacted the group leader immediately! Finding a good group of women in our area is extremely important to me because our families live so far away. Plus, although I think I'm pretty awesome and definitely rock Daven's world, he needs the socialization. He's reaching the stage where he is getting very clingy - which was quickly displayed during our visit to Atlanta. He did eventually warm up to everyone, but it took a few days! Our first get together is this Monday - "Park and Play". We will meet up with five other moms for a short walk and then play time for the kiddies....well all the kiddies that can sit up! :) Updates soon to follow!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to You!

Today was a very special man's birthday...Poppy's! Happy Birthday to my wonderful, loving, and witty grandfather! Thank you for all you have done in my life and for being such an amazing role model to all your grandchildren and great-grandchild. I love you!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Gooo Noles!

Well, our dear ole' Seminoles lost last night to the Cincinatti Bearcats and will not be advancing to the Sweet 16. Although Daven and I did not stay up to watch the game, he did enjoy cheering them on with his Dad during their Friday game against St. Bonaventura.

"Going to the Chapel...

"And their gonna get M-A-R-R-I-E-D!!!!" Congratulations to one of our favorite couples - Erika and Andy! This Varn family couldn't be more excited for you two lovebirds as you embark on this next journey of your lives!

A little history: Erika and I have known each other since high school. Although then, we were merely acquaintances, our friendship blossomed in college after spending rush week together and then joining the same sorority. AND, if this story sounds extremely similar to a previous post, well, it is! Amanda, Erika, and I were in the same rush group and all became Zeta sisters together - we even asked our Rho Gamma (rush leader), Allison, to reveal our future sisterhoods at the same time...even if we got different houses or non at all. For the next four years, we became extremely close and were referred to as "Allison's rush babies" as our last names placed us always together....Stewart, Sugar, Sutton.

From Freshmen to Seniors!
Erika and I have been through thick and thin together. She is truly the only person who can tell me the cold hard truth and I actually listen because she's a) 99.9% of the time right and, b) looking out for my best interest.

When Erika met Andy she found her perfect match. He's witty, smart, loves her unconditionally, and from Tallahassee - and we know what a catch a Tallahassee boy is :). Erika and Andy got engaged last weekend, March 11, 2012 while skiing in Utah.

Luck of the Irish and Birthday Wishes

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day weekend! My how times have changed in regards to our St. Patty's Day festivities! Gone are the days of endless pitchers of green beer and Irish Car Bombs! Instead we spent the day in a much healthier fashion with a family walk and much needed rest! It's funny living in a town where St. Patty's day is just another day - I think we were the only family on the Ringling bridge decked out in our green attire!

Today is also a very special day because it's Aunt Laura's birthday!! Happy Birthday to the sweet, beautiful, and very talented Laura Patrick! We love you and hope you have a wonderful day!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh the Places You'll Go Part II

We're back! This past week Daven and I had the pleasure of visiting my family in Atlanta - it was a trip of many firsts! First plan ride, first mini-haircut, first party - Daven had quite the week! Please excuse the following l-o-n-g post...we had a very busy week!

Our trip started off a little rocky thanks to a mechanical issue on our plane. We had to switch flights 30 minutes after boarding and ended up arriving two hours late to Atlanta. Daven was such the trooper and did so well! His first night in Atlanta was rough thanks to his full day of travel, but he quickly adjusted to a week at "Nonni's and Pop-Pop's".  
Daven and I were lucky to spend the entire week with my meme, Daven's great-grandmother, my mom, Daven's Nonni, and my sisters, Daven's Auntie's Alex and Morgan. These ladies loved all over him from the minute we walked in - something that was MUCH needed since he spends everyday with just his momma. My mom is so good with him and watching her rock him to sleep was truly a very special moment. He quickly took to his Nonni as I'm sure he remembered her smell and sound since she spent every 3am rocking session with him during his first week of life!


Daven also got to meet his Great Aunt Nancy, Great Uncle Dan, and Second Cousin Kara - all of whom showered him with hugs and kisses!

While in Atlanta I got to experience my first Mt. Bethel Consignment Sale...oh my! A little background information - this is a H-U-G-E sale that takes place twice a year at my childhood church. You can find amazing steals for a fraction of the cost! Growing up, I was always too young to go with my mom, but she always showered us in the cutest clothes! So, while little man stayed with his Aunties and Great-grandmother, my mother and I experienced my first sale together and I must say, little man made off like a bandit! He is set, hopefully, until he is almost two years old! However, the way he's growing, I'm sure we'll be in the 24 month outfits by the time he's a year old! Thanks mom for making our little guy the most well dressed baby in Sarasota! :)

Bad picture, but the plethora of clothes for D!
In addition to the sale, my mother held a "Desserts with Daven" get-together to allow all of our close friends and family a chance to meet the little man. This was such a wonderful blessing as it saved me the daunting task of spending every day of our trip trying to see everyone. The party was wonderful and Daven was such a big boy! He didn't cry the whole time (three hours!) and was happily passed from one woman to the next.

However, my two favorite moments last week were watching Daven interact with my dad and getting to spend time with my grandmother. Every daughter has a unique relationship with their dad - mine is one filled with lots of love and respect for such an amazing man. From the moment my dad got to meet Daven at two weeks old I knew their bond was tight-knit. Watching them interact last week was so special! Every time my dad would talk to Daven he would just light up! Kicking, laughing, smiling - he did it all! Each time my dad would stop talking to him or walk away, Daven literally stopped and waited for his return. In addition, spending a full week with my grandmother was such a blessing! My grandmother is a beautiful woman with a heart as big as the moon! Being able to spend a full week with her catching up and watching her rock Daven was very special - these are memories I am so lucky to have and will cherish forever.

We left Tuesday evening after a very eventful week in Roswell, GA. I definitely was a little melancholy as I wasn't ready to leave my sweet family. Yes, I missed my dear sweet husband immensly, but wished the visit could last longer. The flight home was effortless as Daven was the perfect little passenger!

The entire trip was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it - including walking "heartbreak hill" as my family has rightly coined the gargantuan hill that leads to their house!

2 Months!

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities."

Weight: 13.6 lbs
Height: 24 3/4 inches
Head: 15 1/2 inches (he takes after his daddy with his big ole' noggin!)
Things I've learned:
 - How to laugh REALLY loud
 - Grasp at my toys
- Follow sounds
- Gurgle and coo A LOT!
- ENJOYING my carseat and trips with mom

We've had so much fun watching our little man grow up! He has become such a happy little boy who loves to kick and laugh! He is growing out of his clothes faster than I can get him in them - thank goodness he's a spitter and gets changed two to three times a day! The biggest obstacle we have overcome is liking his carseat. Daven will now sit comfortably in it and run a couple errands each day with me. He loves watching me so funny faces are a must during these shopping excursions!

Along with turning two months, Daven got his first round of shots - four of them! Little man was so brave and took it like a champ! The nurse was very surprised at how quickly he stopped crying once the shots were complete! He spent most of Wednesday ( March 14th) a little groggy, but all in all it was a good day!

Daven's little boo boo's!
Ripping the bandaids off was not a fun experience!

Work, Work, Work it on Out!

Prior to baby I had abs, a tight booty, and could run 1/2 marathons with ease. abs are hidden somewhere under a post baby belly, my booty jiggles, and 1/2 marathons are a thing of the least for now. Getting back in shape is obviously high on the priority list, but I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed 10 months of not lifting weights!

As crazy as it may sound, for the first time in my life I'm happy with a little bit of "flab". Why, you might ask? Well, that answer is quite simple - Daven! Don't get me wrong, I WISH he loved his stroller long enough to walk everyday, but right now he'd rather cuddle up in my arms...and I really love watching Live with Kelly Ripa :)

Walks and runs are slowly getting better - Cooper even gets to join in on the walks! Daven has been so courterous to allow me to run 2 miles before he decides he's over the nice fresh air and exercise for the day! :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh the Places You'll Go!

Well today's the day! Daven will be taking his first airplane ride to Atlanta to visit the family. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time! Excited to see my family and nervous for all the poor souls traveling with us! Pray for us! Hopefully little man will enjoy this first leg of the trip!!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Oh Daven, what is up with that hairdo little man? Your receding hairline has left you with a small patch on the back of your teeny, tiny little neck that resembles the likings of Bozo the clown, or, as your father so eliquently put it a "mudflap". Yes, even though we find it hilarious and awful all at the same time we'll let you rock-out until Mommy can't stand it anymore and you get your first haircut at 2 months old! Xoxo

UPDATE: Daven received his first "mini" haircut while visiting my family this past week. We just couldn't stand the patch any longer and gave it a little trim. I must say, he looks quite dapper with his new do! 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sing Me a Song

Keeping everyone up to date on the daily trials and tribulations of the "Varn's" can be very difficult - especially since I try to post D's milestones in chronological order. As crazy as it sounds, I've actually started writing myself reminders on my iphone whenever a milestone occurs - those who know me best will not be surprised by this! In trying to keep everything in order, I've forgotten one of the biggest milestones in our little man's life!

About a week ago Daven started talking, well more like cooing and laughing, but he's making noises!!

Here's a clip :)

Rubber Duckie You're The One...

...You make bathtime lots of fun! Well, maybe if we had given him a rubber ducky, Daven's first official bath would have been a little more enjoyable! I have been sponge bathing Daven since the day we brought him home, putting off the inevitable of a "real" bath. After our little adventure today, it was time to give him his first official bath.
I'll let you be the judge of how Daven's first bath went...

Post bath...Daven all snuggly in his sweet Hanna Anderson pajama's that Meme and Poppy got him!

Toes in the Water...

Well, not quite, but Daven took his first "real" adventure in Sarasota today...we attempted the beach! About a year ago, Nathan and I had the pleasure of meeting the Woods - KC, Cori, and their daughter, Ella (or as I like to refer to her as Ms. Ella).

The Woods are such a wonderful family and we have really enjoyed getting to know them! Little Ms. Ella is now 2 years old and one of the cutest and funniest little 2 year olds we doesn't hurt that she absolutely loves Nathan and Cooper! KC and Cori have been great friends and we enjoy having a family down here to hang out with.

We joined Cori, Ella, and their good friend Shilo at the St. Armands Circle for lunch at Cha Cha Coconuts and then headed to the beach.

Ella and Cori with Daven at four days old.
We weren't able to capture a picture of the two kiddies today :(

Sweet Shilo with Daven :)

To say the least, we didn't last long at the beach. Daven wasn't in the mood and probably not ready for the Sun and Sand...he did look awfully cute in his little hat and swim outfit though! We saw the water for no more than five minutes before I was packing up the stroller and heading back to the car...the fellow beachgoers found us quite amusing and actually made the event comical with "one day you won't be able to drag him away from the beach!".

I think we will start with the pool before venturing to the beach again any time soon!