Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh the Places You'll Go Part II

We're back! This past week Daven and I had the pleasure of visiting my family in Atlanta - it was a trip of many firsts! First plan ride, first mini-haircut, first party - Daven had quite the week! Please excuse the following l-o-n-g post...we had a very busy week!

Our trip started off a little rocky thanks to a mechanical issue on our plane. We had to switch flights 30 minutes after boarding and ended up arriving two hours late to Atlanta. Daven was such the trooper and did so well! His first night in Atlanta was rough thanks to his full day of travel, but he quickly adjusted to a week at "Nonni's and Pop-Pop's".  
Daven and I were lucky to spend the entire week with my meme, Daven's great-grandmother, my mom, Daven's Nonni, and my sisters, Daven's Auntie's Alex and Morgan. These ladies loved all over him from the minute we walked in - something that was MUCH needed since he spends everyday with just his momma. My mom is so good with him and watching her rock him to sleep was truly a very special moment. He quickly took to his Nonni as I'm sure he remembered her smell and sound since she spent every 3am rocking session with him during his first week of life!


Daven also got to meet his Great Aunt Nancy, Great Uncle Dan, and Second Cousin Kara - all of whom showered him with hugs and kisses!

While in Atlanta I got to experience my first Mt. Bethel Consignment Sale...oh my! A little background information - this is a H-U-G-E sale that takes place twice a year at my childhood church. You can find amazing steals for a fraction of the cost! Growing up, I was always too young to go with my mom, but she always showered us in the cutest clothes! So, while little man stayed with his Aunties and Great-grandmother, my mother and I experienced my first sale together and I must say, little man made off like a bandit! He is set, hopefully, until he is almost two years old! However, the way he's growing, I'm sure we'll be in the 24 month outfits by the time he's a year old! Thanks mom for making our little guy the most well dressed baby in Sarasota! :)

Bad picture, but the plethora of clothes for D!
In addition to the sale, my mother held a "Desserts with Daven" get-together to allow all of our close friends and family a chance to meet the little man. This was such a wonderful blessing as it saved me the daunting task of spending every day of our trip trying to see everyone. The party was wonderful and Daven was such a big boy! He didn't cry the whole time (three hours!) and was happily passed from one woman to the next.

However, my two favorite moments last week were watching Daven interact with my dad and getting to spend time with my grandmother. Every daughter has a unique relationship with their dad - mine is one filled with lots of love and respect for such an amazing man. From the moment my dad got to meet Daven at two weeks old I knew their bond was tight-knit. Watching them interact last week was so special! Every time my dad would talk to Daven he would just light up! Kicking, laughing, smiling - he did it all! Each time my dad would stop talking to him or walk away, Daven literally stopped and waited for his return. In addition, spending a full week with my grandmother was such a blessing! My grandmother is a beautiful woman with a heart as big as the moon! Being able to spend a full week with her catching up and watching her rock Daven was very special - these are memories I am so lucky to have and will cherish forever.

We left Tuesday evening after a very eventful week in Roswell, GA. I definitely was a little melancholy as I wasn't ready to leave my sweet family. Yes, I missed my dear sweet husband immensly, but wished the visit could last longer. The flight home was effortless as Daven was the perfect little passenger!

The entire trip was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it - including walking "heartbreak hill" as my family has rightly coined the gargantuan hill that leads to their house!

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