Thursday, March 1, 2012

Travel King

Each month Nathan has to travel to Tallahassee. Now that I am a stay at home momma, Daven and I get to travel with him! Although traveling with a newborn is definitely not the easiest feat, I love it because we get to spend time with Nathan's family. This is the second trip to Tallahassee Daven has already taken in his short life outside utero.

This past weekend we made the 4-hour trek to Tallahasee and Daven got to spend time with his Gege and Poppy as well as Aunties, Uncles, Great-grandmother, and Cousin Wyatt! I know he won't have memories of these precious moments so we make sure to document as many of these special times as possible! I am so thankful for all of these memories, but to me, the most special moment this weekend was seeing Wyatt actually engaged in Daven. Wyatt is 10 months old and so stinkin cute!

Last time we were up (4 weeks earlier) Wyatt didn't have any interest in Daven, but this time he wanted to check him out and even gave him kisses...without being enticed to do so! I wish I could have captured the moment, but Laura and I obviously had our hands full!

On a completey separate note, Daven fell asleep ALL BY HIMSELF last night! I have been trying to lay him down after nursing and allow him to fall asleep without momma - something that has been so hard for me because I absolutely love cuddling him to sleep! When I no longer heard him trying to find his thumb I thought he would just be laying there wide-eyed with a cry on the way, but alas, he was SOUND ASLEEP! He fell asleep at 9:00pm and slept until 1:00am - so proud of our little man!!

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