Friday, March 23, 2012

Wanted: Mommy Friends

Happy Friday Family and Friends! Well, Monday, March 19th marked the end of my three month maternity leave. Although I turned in my resignation 5 weeks earlier, it was somewhat surreal knowing I was not returning to the office this week. I am so happy with my decision and LOVE being at home with my son. Being able to wake up, take my boys for a morning stroll and enjoy the beautiful outdoors makes me feel so blessed! I give major props to all the working momma's out you juggle a baby and work is beyond me and I think I'm pretty good at multi-tasking!

In light of this realization, I decided it was time to begin researching Stay at Home Mom Outlets and Mommy and Me get togethers. To my surprise I found a multitude of forums in the Sarasota area! I'm sure you can imagine my excitement to find a group dedicated to Mom's who love to run...obviously I contacted the group leader immediately! Finding a good group of women in our area is extremely important to me because our families live so far away. Plus, although I think I'm pretty awesome and definitely rock Daven's world, he needs the socialization. He's reaching the stage where he is getting very clingy - which was quickly displayed during our visit to Atlanta. He did eventually warm up to everyone, but it took a few days! Our first get together is this Monday - "Park and Play". We will meet up with five other moms for a short walk and then play time for the kiddies....well all the kiddies that can sit up! :) Updates soon to follow!

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