Thursday, March 15, 2012

Work, Work, Work it on Out!

Prior to baby I had abs, a tight booty, and could run 1/2 marathons with ease. abs are hidden somewhere under a post baby belly, my booty jiggles, and 1/2 marathons are a thing of the least for now. Getting back in shape is obviously high on the priority list, but I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed 10 months of not lifting weights!

As crazy as it may sound, for the first time in my life I'm happy with a little bit of "flab". Why, you might ask? Well, that answer is quite simple - Daven! Don't get me wrong, I WISH he loved his stroller long enough to walk everyday, but right now he'd rather cuddle up in my arms...and I really love watching Live with Kelly Ripa :)

Walks and runs are slowly getting better - Cooper even gets to join in on the walks! Daven has been so courterous to allow me to run 2 miles before he decides he's over the nice fresh air and exercise for the day! :)

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