Monday, April 30, 2012

The big 3-0!

Nathan celebrated his 29 + 1 year birthday last Friday. My main squeeze is getting old! No, not really, but I do enjoy giving him a hard time about reaching this next milestone in his life. Since I was unable to be with Nathan on his big day, Gena and Fred came to Sarasota to keep him company...and help watch little man for the weekend.

Nathan -
Four years ago you poured and danced yourself into my life via Red Wine and the Soldier Boy. Three years ago you got down on one knee and asked me to be your wife. Two years ago you stood by my side as we became one. And now, 3 months past, you gave me yet another blessing – our son who is growing each and every day to be more and more like you!
Thank you for being the amazing husband and father that you are. For getting up every morning and putting in a grueling 10 hour day, if not more, in order to provide for your son and me. For standing by my side through thick and then, lifting me up when I am down, making me stronger than I ever thought was possible, and walking by my side as we continue this journey through life together.
Thank you for being you. For always speaking your mind, loving unconditionally, always finding something to laugh about – even when the day has been miserable, and above all else, being a stand-up father. Thank you for showing Daven what a real man looks like and raising him to one day love someone as much as you love me.

Happy 30th birthday my dear sweet husband - I love you

Wyatt's 1st Birthday!

It is so hard to believe that our nephew Wyatt is already a year old!  Just yesterday, we were receiving a call at 2am proclaiming the exciting news that Wyatt had made his arrival!

We were fortunate that Nathan had to be in Tallahassee two Monday's ago so we were able to partake in Wyatt's sprinkler party. Unfortunatley, the weather was not our friend and the sprinkler party was cancelled, but a little cold weather never stopped a family get together so we still had a small shin-dig at the Varn Barn.

Since we didn't think we would be able to make it up for Wyatt's first birthday, we sent his present early - a little Radio Flyer trike since every little boy needs his own set of wheels! Enjoy the little snippet of Wyatt trying his trike for the first time sent from Laura and Will!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Counting our blessings

Happy Monday sweet family and friends! Sorry that I've begun almost every post lately that way, but I can't help it-I'm truly thankful for each day we are blessed with. 

As some of you know, a Sorority sister of mine gave birth to a precious baby boy, Dalton, just a few weeks after Daven arrived. However, Dalton has had to be a little fighter since utero as he was born with Trisomy 13. 

Please keep Kara and her family in your prayers as Dalton was admitted back to Egleston hospital over the weekend. You can view her blog and learn more about sweet Dalton here


Little D is growing so fast! Each day is such a joy as he discovers new sites and sounds! This past week we decided to introduce Daven to rice cereal. Although most pediatricians feel you should wait until 4 months, ours felt it was fine to go ahead and try it since he's been hungrier than usual lately. Plus, as most can tell, Daven is a big boy weighing in at 15 lbs at 3 months! Goodness, I'd be nursing him every hour in order to provide enough food to keep him full! Our little guy took to the rice cereal like a champ! I "milked" it down for the first feeding since he'd never had to swallow a solid before, but he has quickly progressed to a thicker oatmeal like consistency! I was amazed at how easily he figured out the spoon! Mr. Smarty pants even wanted to hold the spoon and get it in his mouth himself. 

It's hard to believe our little guy will be 14 weeks on Monday! Where has the time gone?! Already starting solids? I know sleeping thru the night is the next step and although getting 8 hours of straight sleep sounds appealing, I'm truly not ready to lose our early morning cuddle time. Stop growing lil man- I'm not ready to grant you any sort of freedom, plus I'm running out of clothes that fit you :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Ya!

Although he absolutely hates it, we started tummy time pretty early in D's life. At 3 weeks of age, he couldn't life his head up, but he sure knew how to get those little legs underneath him!

Since then, D has developed more neck strength and I swear, if this child could crawl with his head on the ground he would right now! Now, I haven't been around an infant in a VERY long time, but I don't think I've ever noticed a little one trying so hard to push up on their knees before effectively holding their head up! Since he's discovered how to use his legs to move, D has mastered the art of moving around in a circle simply by lifting up (while on his back) with his feet and successfully moving a few inches in a clockwise fashion. More times than not, I find him in the opposite direction than how I placed him. Well, with all that leg strength, we are close to rolling over! Laying on his play mat on his side has now become a favorite activity! I think corralling D is in our very near future!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Time

Happy Monday Family and Friends! Due to Nathan's crazy travel schedule lately we decided to have a nice relaxing family only weekend. I must admit, not only was it much needed, it was wonderful! The weather was perfect, breezy and slightly overcast, which allowed us to enjoy the outdoors and our pool! To end our perfect family weekend, we ventured down to Longboat Key to watch the Ski-A-Rees perform, something we've been wanting to do since we moved to Sarasota! Daven thought the trees were more interesting than the show, but one day little man you'll be out there too! :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Since Daven arrived, poor Cooper has been pretty neglected when it comes to his daily walks. Trying to walk an extreme sniffer and stroll a ticking timebomb is quite a feat! Add in my eagerness to run again and you've got to choose dog or baby...obviously the baby always wins.

In order to make sure Cooper does not feel neglected, each evening I walk the boys around the 1/2 mile loop just to the right of our house. After a week of this, Cooper now knows that when 6:30pm hits it's time for HIS walk. The walk accomplishes two things: 1) Cooper gets to sniff anything and everything he wants while getting a burst of exercise and, 2) Daven can look around since his sun visor doesn't have to be up. Daven loves to look at the trees :)

Please excuse the shakiness of the video and poor driving skills on my part - trying to video a dog and baby while strolling along a winding sidewalk is not easy!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

You've Got A Friend in Me

"A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down." ~Robert Benchley

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Remembering to stop and smell the Roses

I can't remember the last time I stopped during a run to take a break. As most of you know, running is my drug. The rythmic solace of my feet hitting the concrete, breathing in the fresh air, and pushing myself to run farther and faster -a rush only a fellow runner can truly understand.

Yesterday, as Daven and I were rounding out 2 1/2 miles he decided he was no longer interested in my need to run. We veered off the usual path, parked under a shady tree, and took a break. A break that made me realize that every once in a while it's okay to stop, slow down, and take in the beautiful world around us. The life lessons I've learned from this little guy have made me a better woman, mom, and wife as he's taught me that, "life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so love the people that treat you right, forgive the ones that don't, and believe that everything happens for a reason."

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to You!

Happiest of Birthday's to our sweet sister-in-law Lindsay! Thank you for being such an amazing Sister-in-law, Aunt, and Friend! We love you so much and hope your day was full of cake shop cupcakes, vino, and birthday presents galore! xoxo

3 Months Old!

Weight: TBD
Height: 26"
Head: 16 1/2"
Things I've learned:
- My voice! I love to talk to the Angel's, Momma, Daddy, and anybody who will listen!
- I've found my hands - funny little things that never leave my side :)
- Holding my head up A LOT better - carrying me is much easier!
- Grabbing at my clothes incessently - I'd rather be naked!
- I enjoy tasting Momma's food...not quite ready for solids but I like the different tastes...especially candy!
- How to throw a temper tantrum...Payback is a you know what!

A few videos for your enjoyment:

Auntie Alex is very persistant about Daven practicing Tummy Time...even though he hates it! :)

Trying candy for the first time:

Discovering my hands!

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

Hopping down the Bunny Trail! Happy First Easter sweet boy! Your daddy and I are so thankful for you and can't wait to spend many more Easter's teaching you about Christ's love, growing in your Faith, and let's not forget, hunting Easter eggs!

Easter 2012 at Gege & Poppy's
(Gena & Fred)

Monday, April 9, 2012

New Discoveries

Happy Monday! Sorry for the lack of posts - we had a busy week last week and blogging was just not possible :). Due to shere exhaustion, Daven and I decided to have a "lazy Monday", thus allowing me to get laundry done, a nice little walk with the kiddies (Cooper and D) and now catch all of you up on our life lately! Please pardon the long post!
Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of helping throw Ms. Amanda her bridal shower! It was such a blessing to watch Amanda be showered with gifts for her new life with Tom. The shower was in Orlando at a beautiful restaurant, Hannibal's, and the food was devine! It was great to see and catch up with her mom, Lori, as well as meet Tom's mom and Aunts. Prior to the trip Daven and I had planned on staying the evening in Orlando so that we could spend some quality time with Amanda, Tom, Erika, Andy, and Brianne (Amanda's longtime friend and fellow bridesmaid). However,  we've had a step back in the love/hate relationship with a certain piece of travel equipment...the carseat. Since Nathan was out of town, my amazing in-laws dropped their weekend plans and drove down to babysit Daven for the day. I was once again reminded at how loved we truly are as both Gena and Fred as well as my mom and dad were willing to do whatever they needed to help Nathan and I - it's not like we live right around the corner from either set of grandparents! More times than not, I think we forget to tell our loved ones how appreciative we are of them. THANK YOU GENA AND FRED FOR DRIVING 4 1/2 HOURS TO BABYSIT YOUR GRANDSON! I had a wonderful weekend with y'all catching up and watching him light up each time y'all talked or played with him.

Although we've had a step back with the carseat, we've taken a GIANT leap forward with the babybjorn as well as not clinging to momma!! Daven is finally starting to like it and actually stayed in it for 10 minutes today. For those of you who know the whole story, this is huge! Prior to March 29th, Daven would howl everytime we tried to put him in his carrier - we even invested in the Moby wrap (giant jersery wrap that holds him like a kangaroo), which he loathed as well. I am estatic that he is starting to enjoy his carrier! This will make errands so much easier if he continues to enjoy it! In addition, to liking the carrier, Daven did not cry once while being babysat by his grandparents. Mind you, Daven has spent time with Gena and Fred at least one weekend every month of his life, but he is VERY clingy to me. He could have cared less that I was gone all day! I think the pictures explain how their day went :)
Obviously the discoveries are endless at this age, but one of our favorites has been the discovery of his little voice. Daven started making noises some weeks ago, but imagine my surprise when I walked out of our room to find him content in his swing talking to himself! The continuous "ooh's and ahh's" were such a joy to hear! I felt like the mother in the sweet book, I'll Love you Forever, sneaking in to hold her sweet baby boy. However, I was sneaking around trying to capture baby D talking to the Angel's without disturbing him.

Last, but certainly NOT least, Daven is waking up only ONCE during the night...Hallelujah! Plus, he's extended his wake-up time to around 7:30am...I am one VERY happy momma!