Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3 Months Old!

Weight: TBD
Height: 26"
Head: 16 1/2"
Things I've learned:
- My voice! I love to talk to the Angel's, Momma, Daddy, and anybody who will listen!
- I've found my hands - funny little things that never leave my side :)
- Holding my head up A LOT better - carrying me is much easier!
- Grabbing at my clothes incessently - I'd rather be naked!
- I enjoy tasting Momma's food...not quite ready for solids but I like the different tastes...especially candy!
- How to throw a temper tantrum...Payback is a you know what!

A few videos for your enjoyment:

Auntie Alex is very persistant about Daven practicing Tummy Time...even though he hates it! :)

Trying candy for the first time:

Discovering my hands!

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