Monday, April 30, 2012

The big 3-0!

Nathan celebrated his 29 + 1 year birthday last Friday. My main squeeze is getting old! No, not really, but I do enjoy giving him a hard time about reaching this next milestone in his life. Since I was unable to be with Nathan on his big day, Gena and Fred came to Sarasota to keep him company...and help watch little man for the weekend.

Nathan -
Four years ago you poured and danced yourself into my life via Red Wine and the Soldier Boy. Three years ago you got down on one knee and asked me to be your wife. Two years ago you stood by my side as we became one. And now, 3 months past, you gave me yet another blessing – our son who is growing each and every day to be more and more like you!
Thank you for being the amazing husband and father that you are. For getting up every morning and putting in a grueling 10 hour day, if not more, in order to provide for your son and me. For standing by my side through thick and then, lifting me up when I am down, making me stronger than I ever thought was possible, and walking by my side as we continue this journey through life together.
Thank you for being you. For always speaking your mind, loving unconditionally, always finding something to laugh about – even when the day has been miserable, and above all else, being a stand-up father. Thank you for showing Daven what a real man looks like and raising him to one day love someone as much as you love me.

Happy 30th birthday my dear sweet husband - I love you

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