Friday, April 13, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Since Daven arrived, poor Cooper has been pretty neglected when it comes to his daily walks. Trying to walk an extreme sniffer and stroll a ticking timebomb is quite a feat! Add in my eagerness to run again and you've got to choose dog or baby...obviously the baby always wins.

In order to make sure Cooper does not feel neglected, each evening I walk the boys around the 1/2 mile loop just to the right of our house. After a week of this, Cooper now knows that when 6:30pm hits it's time for HIS walk. The walk accomplishes two things: 1) Cooper gets to sniff anything and everything he wants while getting a burst of exercise and, 2) Daven can look around since his sun visor doesn't have to be up. Daven loves to look at the trees :)

Please excuse the shakiness of the video and poor driving skills on my part - trying to video a dog and baby while strolling along a winding sidewalk is not easy!

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