Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Little D is growing so fast! Each day is such a joy as he discovers new sites and sounds! This past week we decided to introduce Daven to rice cereal. Although most pediatricians feel you should wait until 4 months, ours felt it was fine to go ahead and try it since he's been hungrier than usual lately. Plus, as most can tell, Daven is a big boy weighing in at 15 lbs at 3 months! Goodness, I'd be nursing him every hour in order to provide enough food to keep him full! Our little guy took to the rice cereal like a champ! I "milked" it down for the first feeding since he'd never had to swallow a solid before, but he has quickly progressed to a thicker oatmeal like consistency! I was amazed at how easily he figured out the spoon! Mr. Smarty pants even wanted to hold the spoon and get it in his mouth himself. 

It's hard to believe our little guy will be 14 weeks on Monday! Where has the time gone?! Already starting solids? I know sleeping thru the night is the next step and although getting 8 hours of straight sleep sounds appealing, I'm truly not ready to lose our early morning cuddle time. Stop growing lil man- I'm not ready to grant you any sort of freedom, plus I'm running out of clothes that fit you :)

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