Monday, April 9, 2012

New Discoveries

Happy Monday! Sorry for the lack of posts - we had a busy week last week and blogging was just not possible :). Due to shere exhaustion, Daven and I decided to have a "lazy Monday", thus allowing me to get laundry done, a nice little walk with the kiddies (Cooper and D) and now catch all of you up on our life lately! Please pardon the long post!
Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of helping throw Ms. Amanda her bridal shower! It was such a blessing to watch Amanda be showered with gifts for her new life with Tom. The shower was in Orlando at a beautiful restaurant, Hannibal's, and the food was devine! It was great to see and catch up with her mom, Lori, as well as meet Tom's mom and Aunts. Prior to the trip Daven and I had planned on staying the evening in Orlando so that we could spend some quality time with Amanda, Tom, Erika, Andy, and Brianne (Amanda's longtime friend and fellow bridesmaid). However,  we've had a step back in the love/hate relationship with a certain piece of travel equipment...the carseat. Since Nathan was out of town, my amazing in-laws dropped their weekend plans and drove down to babysit Daven for the day. I was once again reminded at how loved we truly are as both Gena and Fred as well as my mom and dad were willing to do whatever they needed to help Nathan and I - it's not like we live right around the corner from either set of grandparents! More times than not, I think we forget to tell our loved ones how appreciative we are of them. THANK YOU GENA AND FRED FOR DRIVING 4 1/2 HOURS TO BABYSIT YOUR GRANDSON! I had a wonderful weekend with y'all catching up and watching him light up each time y'all talked or played with him.

Although we've had a step back with the carseat, we've taken a GIANT leap forward with the babybjorn as well as not clinging to momma!! Daven is finally starting to like it and actually stayed in it for 10 minutes today. For those of you who know the whole story, this is huge! Prior to March 29th, Daven would howl everytime we tried to put him in his carrier - we even invested in the Moby wrap (giant jersery wrap that holds him like a kangaroo), which he loathed as well. I am estatic that he is starting to enjoy his carrier! This will make errands so much easier if he continues to enjoy it! In addition, to liking the carrier, Daven did not cry once while being babysat by his grandparents. Mind you, Daven has spent time with Gena and Fred at least one weekend every month of his life, but he is VERY clingy to me. He could have cared less that I was gone all day! I think the pictures explain how their day went :)
Obviously the discoveries are endless at this age, but one of our favorites has been the discovery of his little voice. Daven started making noises some weeks ago, but imagine my surprise when I walked out of our room to find him content in his swing talking to himself! The continuous "ooh's and ahh's" were such a joy to hear! I felt like the mother in the sweet book, I'll Love you Forever, sneaking in to hold her sweet baby boy. However, I was sneaking around trying to capture baby D talking to the Angel's without disturbing him.

Last, but certainly NOT least, Daven is waking up only ONCE during the night...Hallelujah! Plus, he's extended his wake-up time to around 7:30am...I am one VERY happy momma!

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