Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We're the 3 Best Friends that Anyone Could Have!

I had the pleasure of spending this past holiday weekend with two old friends...like very old friends...14 years of friendship to be exact! Jennifer and Mallory are the kind of friends every girl hopes for - the ones that love you no matter what and can go weeks without hearing from you only to pick up the phone and it's like you never missed a beat!

Background: Mallory and I officially met while on the same team in 6th grade. However,  we probably actually spent our entire elementary school career in close proximity as we both sang in the Church choir. Jennifer and I became friends after making the 6th grade cheerleading squad and being in the same stunt group. The three of us cheered together for three years until I moved to Florida, but our friendship didn't dim...it grew stronger and we've remained best friends for 14 years.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer's other half - Jon, whom we loved dearly and are SO happy these two found each other. It was Jon's first trip to Florida and from the moment he arrived (there were Flamingo's in the airport) we made sure he got his fill of the Florida Sunshine!

It was so fun catching up, hanging out, and just enjoying each other's company...plus D had a GREAT time getting to know his Aunties Jen and Mal :)

Thank you three for coming down for the long weekend! We love y'all and miss you already!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

4 Months!

Weight: 15.13lbs
Height: 26 3/4 inches
Head: 17 inches
New Skills:
- I found my piggies! These, as well as your hands, offer you just as much fun and enjoyment as a new toy!
- Officially laughing - whenever mommy pretends like your going to fall or daddy throws you up in the air you give us a big gummy grin and a little chuckle...it makes our day every time!
- You got your first cold and case of conjunctivitis, but remained a happy baby throughout it all!
- Discovered your puppy dog - every time Cooper or any dog for that matter walks into a room you light up and reach for him/her! Lucky for you, Cooper is a gentle giant and has begrudgingly allowed you to pull at his fur and lip!
- You've learned how to flirt and love talking to anyone who will listen!
- Teething - you plus my shoulder are consistently covered in drool...still no teeth yet though!
- Your head strength is quite impressive...you are almost able to sit on my hip without any head support assistance!
- You got your second round of shots...and were once again such a big boy! Minor cries and happy as can be once you took a nice long nap!

More pictures from our 4 month photo shoot...it was too hard to decide! :)

Sleep Baby Sleep

Nikki: n: anxiety ridden, compassionate, loving mother of one stubborn yet adorable little boy, giant lab of a dog, and wife to an amazing husband. Yep, that's me in a nutshell! I'd say I'm one of those people who tend to leap to the worst case scenario- mainly due to reading and researching way too much on any given subject. I have a love/hate relationship with the internet - love that it has so much to offer, but hate the plethora of information it can offer on any given subject, whether true or false.
When we found out we were pregnant I researched the death out of our baby registry. From the safest and best reviewed carseats to the baby monitor - you name it I researched it. Thus, when we transferred baby D into his crib and room at 3 months of age, I was and still am, a nervous wreck! There are so many studies out now about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and what you should and shouldn't have in a crib. The latest advice - just the baby - no bumper, blankets, lovies, pacifiers, NOTHING! And guess what, I have all of that in his crib...what is a new mom ever to do?
We happened to receive two monitors as shower gifts - the Safety1st true view colored video monitor (via my mom) and the Angelcare monitor (via Ryan and Lindsay). We set up the colored video monitor right away in part to how easy it was and how cool we thought it was to be able to view our little munchkin. I admit, I love this thing! Once we got a new battery (thanks to safety first - great customer service!) it has been awesome! We can travel with it and watch him whenever we want...great when you don't want to miss anything like a first roll!

Lindsay's sister, as well as almost every review online, raved about the Angelcare monitor - a device that monitors everything from the temperature in the room to D's movement - if he stops moving for 20 seconds or more an obnoxious alarm sounds warning us that he may be in danger. I was so excited to receive this gift because being the worry wart that I am I assumed it would put my fears at ease. At first I couldn't stand the thing - partly because I had gotten used to viewing D's every move/sound and partly because I didn't really know how to work the thing - I like to push buttons, not necessarily read directions. Well, after this last trip to Atlanta, I've yet to hook the video monitor back up and thus, having to rely solely on the Angelcare monitor (yep, my bedside looks like Fort Knox as we have two monitors monitoring D). Guess what? I LOVE IT! After using it solely for the last few nights, I've been able to sleep a little more soundly because it only goes off when he makes a noise or if it can't feel him breathing. Since I decided to disregard all the warnings and allow D to keep his blankie, lovie, pacifier, and crib bumper, knowing the monitor will go off if he is in trouble puts my anxious self at ease- ah this momma is happy as a clam!

Georgia On My Mind

I'm back! Daven took his second plane ride to visit my family this past week. Although he started out a little fussy, he quickly settled into a deep snooze for the trip up - I'm sure the fellow passengers were quite happy! The trip, as usual, was much too short and packed full of things to do!

Of course, right before we jetted away, little many contracted conjunctivitis, a.k.a. pink eye. Poor little guy was in such good spirits for having a puffy, goopy eye and congestion that made me hurt! Quick visit to the doctors Tuesday morning, permission to fly, and some eye drops to take the goop away and we were off!

Our trip started out with a trip around town to find a much needed umbrella stroller - something I wish I had listend to my ever so smart sister-in-law's advice many months ago! I dragged my mother all over Atlanta trying to find the best deal - including a trip to the warehouse district! Alas, we still don't have a new stroller but we do know exactly what we want!

(via Uppababy.com)

Our next leg of the trip is the most special of this visit - Daven visited Athens, GA to watch his Aunt Alex graduate from the University of Georgia. Watching her glow in the limelight was such an awesome feeling! School was never a breeze for me and neither was it for Alex. From debating what major to take to joining the real world during an economical downturn, Alex has had her fair share of road blocks. However, after 5 arduous years of late nights, papers, and tests galore, Alex graduated WITH HONORS from the School of Social Work. I, as well as the rest of our family, are so proud of her for doing so well! Now, our fingers are crossed that she gets the job of her dreams - knowing my strongwilled and determined sister...she will!

Sporting his UGA gear proudly given my Aunt Alex for this special day!

Woohoo she did it!!!

The trip ended with a family get together at the Stewart residence where Daven got to officially meet his Great-Grandfather- he was only four days old the first time. Watching Daven laugh and smile each time Poppy made a whistling sound at him was so sweet! In addition, he showed us his conceited side with a flirtatious grin each time his great-grandmother told him he was "beautiful". I know he won't have these memories, but knowing that he has had the opportunity to meet and know his great-grandparents is such a blessing! Daven also showed everyone how much he'd grown since the last visit! Willingly traveling from one set of hands to the next without a tear made everyone's day!

We flew home late Tuesday night and my traveling fool was a perfect Angel sleeping peacefully in my arms the entire time.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow mommy's! I am so blessed to have the opportunity to spend my first Mothers day with my mother AND grandmother!

Thank you for being my role model, friend, support staff, and advisor. You truly are a special gift and I am more than blessed to call you my "momma". Thank you for teaching me your ways and helping me learn the ropes of motherhood - I take pride in being called "mini Ellen Stewart" - something deep down all three of your girls strive to achieve. Thank you for raising and putting up with me for the last 26 years - I know I didn't always make it easy, but you continued to take deep breaths and remember that "this too shall pass". Thank you for being my best friend - for listening to all my secrets, venting sessions, crying sessions, laughing sessions - you name it you've heard it! Most of all, thank you for being an amazing grandmother and loving Daven with the same unconditional love that you have loved me. I love you to the moon and beyond sweet Momma!

Gotta Have Faith

Nathan and I both grew up in a Christian home - I was raised in a large Church setting while Nathan enjoyed a more intimate Bible fellowship that still meets today. Trying to find a happy medium that offered the best of both worlds is not an easy task! Luckily, we both agreed we wanted to raise Daven in a Christian home and have a Church family - thus, the search began!

This past Sunday, we attended Sarasota Baptist for a second time (the first was 3 years ago!) with the Woods (Cori & K.C.) We both enjoyed having friends to go with as well as the message and hopefully will be visiting again soon.

This was also the first time that Daven was watched by someone other than family...and yes, I was extremely nervous! As usual, my worry was for nothing as he took right to his new surroundings and was a "doll" according to the nursery volunteers!

Obviously a photoshoot was a must in his Church outfit!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Working on New Skills

The new "trick" we're currently perfecting...holding our head up like a bid boy! I know I'm biased...but isn't he just the cutest lil doodlebug you've ever seen?!

This little Piggie went to Market...

I've witnessed every milestone - his first coo, first laugh, discovery of his hands - you name I've seen it....until this past weekend. Daven discovered his feet while I was out of town (tear!). Although I'm sad I missed the first grab, I could not be more happy that this was something Nathan got to experience alone. Nathan works very hard to provide Daven and me with the lifestyle we currently have. He has learned of many of Daven's new accomplishments either over the phone, via a picture, or once he's arrived home after a long day at work. Knowing that this is something he got to witness first truly makes my heart melt because it's a special memory from these first four short months that he will have forever.

His new obession...turning his music/bubble box on with his feet

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We Be Cruisin Mon!

Well the Father/Son weekend has come and gone! I took my first solo trip this past weekend to cruise to the Bahama's for Amanda's bachelorette party. I'm exhausted to say the least, but we had such a fun time celebrating Amanda's last fling before the ring!