Thursday, May 17, 2012

Georgia On My Mind

I'm back! Daven took his second plane ride to visit my family this past week. Although he started out a little fussy, he quickly settled into a deep snooze for the trip up - I'm sure the fellow passengers were quite happy! The trip, as usual, was much too short and packed full of things to do!

Of course, right before we jetted away, little many contracted conjunctivitis, a.k.a. pink eye. Poor little guy was in such good spirits for having a puffy, goopy eye and congestion that made me hurt! Quick visit to the doctors Tuesday morning, permission to fly, and some eye drops to take the goop away and we were off!

Our trip started out with a trip around town to find a much needed umbrella stroller - something I wish I had listend to my ever so smart sister-in-law's advice many months ago! I dragged my mother all over Atlanta trying to find the best deal - including a trip to the warehouse district! Alas, we still don't have a new stroller but we do know exactly what we want!


Our next leg of the trip is the most special of this visit - Daven visited Athens, GA to watch his Aunt Alex graduate from the University of Georgia. Watching her glow in the limelight was such an awesome feeling! School was never a breeze for me and neither was it for Alex. From debating what major to take to joining the real world during an economical downturn, Alex has had her fair share of road blocks. However, after 5 arduous years of late nights, papers, and tests galore, Alex graduated WITH HONORS from the School of Social Work. I, as well as the rest of our family, are so proud of her for doing so well! Now, our fingers are crossed that she gets the job of her dreams - knowing my strongwilled and determined sister...she will!

Sporting his UGA gear proudly given my Aunt Alex for this special day!

Woohoo she did it!!!

The trip ended with a family get together at the Stewart residence where Daven got to officially meet his Great-Grandfather- he was only four days old the first time. Watching Daven laugh and smile each time Poppy made a whistling sound at him was so sweet! In addition, he showed us his conceited side with a flirtatious grin each time his great-grandmother told him he was "beautiful". I know he won't have these memories, but knowing that he has had the opportunity to meet and know his great-grandparents is such a blessing! Daven also showed everyone how much he'd grown since the last visit! Willingly traveling from one set of hands to the next without a tear made everyone's day!

We flew home late Tuesday night and my traveling fool was a perfect Angel sleeping peacefully in my arms the entire time.

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