Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We're the 3 Best Friends that Anyone Could Have!

I had the pleasure of spending this past holiday weekend with two old friends...like very old friends...14 years of friendship to be exact! Jennifer and Mallory are the kind of friends every girl hopes for - the ones that love you no matter what and can go weeks without hearing from you only to pick up the phone and it's like you never missed a beat!

Background: Mallory and I officially met while on the same team in 6th grade. However,  we probably actually spent our entire elementary school career in close proximity as we both sang in the Church choir. Jennifer and I became friends after making the 6th grade cheerleading squad and being in the same stunt group. The three of us cheered together for three years until I moved to Florida, but our friendship didn't dim...it grew stronger and we've remained best friends for 14 years.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer's other half - Jon, whom we loved dearly and are SO happy these two found each other. It was Jon's first trip to Florida and from the moment he arrived (there were Flamingo's in the airport) we made sure he got his fill of the Florida Sunshine!

It was so fun catching up, hanging out, and just enjoying each other's company...plus D had a GREAT time getting to know his Aunties Jen and Mal :)

Thank you three for coming down for the long weekend! We love y'all and miss you already!

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