Friday, June 29, 2012

By The Book

I've led my life "by the book" so to speak - bending the rules usually left me in a small state of panic followed by a guilty expression that always gave me away (obviously I suck at poker)! Now, with a baby, I've realized you can't play by the rules all the time.
According to all the books we've read and the hours spent scouring every baby site, D should sleep in his own bed...lately he'll only nap in ours.

According to all that we've read, D should cry it out- first 5 min, then 10...we watched a movie together after 10 min of the "cry it out method"...he fell asleep 2 minutes in all snuggled in my arms.

And, according to the "books", D should be on a strict schedule- sleep, eat, play repeat....he falls asleep when feeding, sleeps when he wants, and loves to play and talk with anyone and everyone...including Cooper.

Do I feel like I am doing the whole motherhood thing wrong? At times, yes, but there will come a day when D doesn't want to snuggle, grab for me when he's falling asleep, or give me slobbery kisses. There will come a day when I'm his worst enemy, friends will come first, and girls will occupy the majority of his brain. But, for now, we will keep bending the rules and snuggle, laugh, and stay up late until that day comes.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Picasso in Training

So what do you do with a 5 month old during a Tropical Storm?! Arts and Crafts of course!

Creativity has taken a technical turn as D painted his first picture via the iPad-free app plus no mess! I promise our lil man will experience the exciting world of paint, crayons, and chalk, but for now we'll stick with the iPad- teaching our kid to be tech savvy and creative all at the same time!

There's a Storm A Brewin!

The rain falls horizontally, diagonally, even vertically outside our window. The pine trees bend ominously close to our house-lower,lower, lower before snapping upright again. Currently we have the pleasure of experiencing our first tropical storm in Sarasota...for the next 7 days! Glad we know how to drain the pool!

We braved the beginnings of the storm Sunday to attend Church- a promise we made to ourselves upon the end of our three weeks of love celebrations! Even with the torrential downpour, D looked quite handsome and didn't mind a few raindrops on that sweet face as I quickly ran him into the nursery.

Debbie made her roaring debut late yesterday evening, but D was quite aware of her landfall many hours before as he wouldn't sleep unless we were cuddling with him. He also wasn't too fond of the storm either- the child who loves trees did not love them last night-this video doesn't do the storm justice!

Fortunately, Sarasota has been spared most of the far! But here are some photos from friends in Tampa showcasing Tropical Storm Debbie's current demise.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Because It's Ladies Night

While D&D (Dad & Daven) had a boys night, I braved the rain to meet up with the bestie for a night of Tequila inspired bubbly creativity - aka Margaritas and Soap making! Thanks to Milagros and Groupon, Erika and I had a much needed girls night and catch up sesh. We had such a great time making our soapy creations, we've decided to go back again soon!

Sweet Home Tallahassee

Hello Family and Friends! Well Wedding season has taken a hiatus and as much as we enjoyed celebrating the nuptials of three amazing couples, we are SO happy to be home!
Since two of the three weddings took place in/near Tallahassee, D and I stayed the week with the in-laws. It was so wonderful and although thy had quite a busy week, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend so much time with them!

We had such a fun week with lots of many firsts!

- First time getting in the pool
- First time attending a Wedding
- Officially got those piggies in his mouth
- First spend the night
- First time on the Fire Truck
- First visit to FSU

Since we had a whole week, Daven got to actually meet and visit with lots of family. It's such a blessing to have such an amazing extended family and how much they want to know our lil man!!

Thank you Gena and Fred for all your hospitality! We absolutely enjoyed evey minute of our visit and can't wait for the Varnicle Barnicles beach vacation 2012!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing Dad's in our lives! We were blessed to spend this Father's day with my Dad, Father-in-law, and wonderful Husband!

Happy 1st Father's Day! Thank you for being such an amazing father and role model to our lil man. Watching him light up each time he hears your voice melts my heart every time. Although nervous at first, you embraced fatherhood better than I could ever have imagined! From the moment we welcomed Daven into this world you have been such a proud and doting father. Your love and good faith radiate everyday in your endless pursuit to provide your family with all that we have. You are such an amazing father, husband, and son and everyone in your life is better off for knowing you! Love you forever :)

Thank you for being the kind of Father every daughter wishes for! Your selfless love has shown me what a true man looks like and helped me find the wonderful man I'm married to today. Thank you for teaching me the ropes of the real world, pushing me out of the nest when you knew I could fly, but still being there to catch me in case I fell. Thank you for your constant show of affection- from waking me up every morning since kindergarten to reminding me everyday how proud of me you are, I cherish the unspoken lessons you've taught me about loving and valuing myself and others. Thank you for being an amazing grandfather to Daven. I know he can't tell you now, but I know he thinks you hung the moon just by seeing him light up when you talk to him. You are an amazing father and wonderful grandfather- I love you with all my heart daddy!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Birthday!

June is the month of birthdays among our families and friends! We start the month with Meme's birthday on June 2nd, followed by Aunt Sandy's on June 12th, my friend and sorority sister Ellen's on June 15th, Nonni's on June 16th, friend and sorority sister Erika's on June 17th, Uncle Ryan's on June 21st, and cousin Sophie's on June 28th! We wish each of you a happy or belated Birthday and hope your days were filled with lots of love, hugs, and warm memories!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Run, duck, crawl...repeat!

With the alarm beeping and baby sleeping, Nathan and I sleepily rolled out of of bed to partake in our first race post baby...the Abandoned Fields Adventure Race (AFAR). I've been telling Nathan since around 2 months post-partum that I wanted to participate in another sprint-triathlon or 1/2 marathon before baby #2. Thus, when Nathan's company, Redwire, decided to put a team together for AFAR he quickly signed us up...have I mentioned lately how much I love him?!

The AFAR consisted of three legs- running, paddling/canoeing, and biking. During each leg you had to finish a series of obstacles in order to advance to the next leg.

Being the couple that we are, we just showed preplanning...only had the gear we were told to bring and water. Oh man didn't we look like beginners! The run was LONG (fun for me...not for Nathan), the obstacles difficult and did I mention it was raining and the course was outside in the woods...insert lots of mud here!

I had a great time and will totally be doing it again next year...I think Nathan will be reclaiming his position as supportive cheering hubs-thanks dahling for being so awesome and signing us up because you knew I'd love every minute of the blood, sweat, and you forever!

Friday, June 8, 2012

They All Rolled Over & One Fell Out!

One day shy of 5 months and he did it! Daven rolled over! And guess what?! Nathan and I both missed the actual first roll...and the second...I'm sensing a pattern here :) Lil D was bottom side up when I peered through the pass through to check on him, while Nathan and I sleepily poured our cups of coffee. With sheer excitement we sprinted into the den to congratulate our big boy! I quickly sat, camera in hand and waited for his next big roll...all I got was a gummy smile and his continuous attempt to put his feet in his mouth (promise to upload as soon as we arrive in TLH).

This morning We were up before the birds, so another cup of coffee was necessary...grunting and loud shrieks echoing from the den...he did it again and again, I missed it. Thus, I've been waiting patiently, camera in tow, to capture his third and our first roll :)

Geeze, I love motherhood...and coffee :)

Dav at 5:45am - who needs sleep when you've got this lil nugget to keep you entertained?!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

5 months!

Weight: 17.6lbs
Height: 27 1/4 in
Head: 17in
New Skills:
- You learned how to spit (real cute when sweet potatoes are involved-I now have many stained shirts!)
- You sat up in your bumbo for the first time
- Still not completely rolling over (dang arm!) but SO close- well you're all the way over but can't figure out how to free your arm :)
- Fell asleep on the floor playing for the first time - this scared mommy because you went from active to dead silent!
- Most nights you only wake up once - around 4:45am. Mommy loves the extra sleep and the fact we still get to cuddle and talk in the wee hours of the morning :)
- Grabbing for everything! You really like mommy and daddy's coffee mugs!
- Putting everything in your mouth!
- Cooper makes your day complete :)
- You experienced your first weekend where Mommy and Daddy weren't with you 24/7 - you did great and your Nonni and Aunties loved all your cuddles!
- Officially sitting on my hip without extra support!

It's so hard to believe that lil D is already 5 months old! He's changing so rapidly that Nathan and I find ourselves stopping mid-conversation to stare at Daven, scared we're going to miss a milestone! He's such a happy and sweet boy and we are so blessed to call him our own! Our pediatrician joked at our 4 month appointment that Daven is being too easy on us. He told D if he didn't want a sibling any time soon then he needed to step up his game! Lucky for us, Daven didn't take Dr. Featherman's advice and this last month has been just as enjoyable as the first four - and don't get any ideas, D will remain sibling-less for hopefully quite some time!

More pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

My happy lil man! :)

Over it at this point!

Loungin' during the photoshoot :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend with the Girls

While Nathan and I were enjoying the Ruffin's wedding festivities, Daven got to enjoy the weekend with his Nonni and Aunties Alex and Morgan. Thank you so much mom and sisters for driving 7 hours to Orlando to babysit your grandson and nephew! I am so blessed to have such a loving family and I know Daven enjoyed every minute of it!

Mom teaching Daven all about plants that grow in Sarasota :)

What happens when you leave your child in the hands of two goofy aunties :)

 Trying to stay up until Mom and Dad got home from the wedding :)

Meet the Ruffins!

WooHoo! They did it! Amanda and Tom are officially husband and wife! This past weekend we had the pleasure to witness these two lovebirds finally say I Do! It was such a wonderful and heartfelt weekend and we couldn't be happier to have had the opportunity to be a part of it!  Amanda, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your big day! From meeting at orientation 8 years ago to watching you walk down the aisle, words cannot explain how grateful I am to call you one of my best friends. Thank you for being there for me through the good times, the bad times, the tears, and the laughs - I love you so much and Tom is so fortunate to call you his wife! I know your love will continue to grow stronger and stronger as this next journey of your life begins!