Thursday, June 7, 2012

5 months!

Weight: 17.6lbs
Height: 27 1/4 in
Head: 17in
New Skills:
- You learned how to spit (real cute when sweet potatoes are involved-I now have many stained shirts!)
- You sat up in your bumbo for the first time
- Still not completely rolling over (dang arm!) but SO close- well you're all the way over but can't figure out how to free your arm :)
- Fell asleep on the floor playing for the first time - this scared mommy because you went from active to dead silent!
- Most nights you only wake up once - around 4:45am. Mommy loves the extra sleep and the fact we still get to cuddle and talk in the wee hours of the morning :)
- Grabbing for everything! You really like mommy and daddy's coffee mugs!
- Putting everything in your mouth!
- Cooper makes your day complete :)
- You experienced your first weekend where Mommy and Daddy weren't with you 24/7 - you did great and your Nonni and Aunties loved all your cuddles!
- Officially sitting on my hip without extra support!

It's so hard to believe that lil D is already 5 months old! He's changing so rapidly that Nathan and I find ourselves stopping mid-conversation to stare at Daven, scared we're going to miss a milestone! He's such a happy and sweet boy and we are so blessed to call him our own! Our pediatrician joked at our 4 month appointment that Daven is being too easy on us. He told D if he didn't want a sibling any time soon then he needed to step up his game! Lucky for us, Daven didn't take Dr. Featherman's advice and this last month has been just as enjoyable as the first four - and don't get any ideas, D will remain sibling-less for hopefully quite some time!

More pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

My happy lil man! :)

Over it at this point!

Loungin' during the photoshoot :)

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