Friday, June 29, 2012

By The Book

I've led my life "by the book" so to speak - bending the rules usually left me in a small state of panic followed by a guilty expression that always gave me away (obviously I suck at poker)! Now, with a baby, I've realized you can't play by the rules all the time.
According to all the books we've read and the hours spent scouring every baby site, D should sleep in his own bed...lately he'll only nap in ours.

According to all that we've read, D should cry it out- first 5 min, then 10...we watched a movie together after 10 min of the "cry it out method"...he fell asleep 2 minutes in all snuggled in my arms.

And, according to the "books", D should be on a strict schedule- sleep, eat, play repeat....he falls asleep when feeding, sleeps when he wants, and loves to play and talk with anyone and everyone...including Cooper.

Do I feel like I am doing the whole motherhood thing wrong? At times, yes, but there will come a day when D doesn't want to snuggle, grab for me when he's falling asleep, or give me slobbery kisses. There will come a day when I'm his worst enemy, friends will come first, and girls will occupy the majority of his brain. But, for now, we will keep bending the rules and snuggle, laugh, and stay up late until that day comes.

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