Monday, June 25, 2012

There's a Storm A Brewin!

The rain falls horizontally, diagonally, even vertically outside our window. The pine trees bend ominously close to our house-lower,lower, lower before snapping upright again. Currently we have the pleasure of experiencing our first tropical storm in Sarasota...for the next 7 days! Glad we know how to drain the pool!

We braved the beginnings of the storm Sunday to attend Church- a promise we made to ourselves upon the end of our three weeks of love celebrations! Even with the torrential downpour, D looked quite handsome and didn't mind a few raindrops on that sweet face as I quickly ran him into the nursery.

Debbie made her roaring debut late yesterday evening, but D was quite aware of her landfall many hours before as he wouldn't sleep unless we were cuddling with him. He also wasn't too fond of the storm either- the child who loves trees did not love them last night-this video doesn't do the storm justice!

Fortunately, Sarasota has been spared most of the far! But here are some photos from friends in Tampa showcasing Tropical Storm Debbie's current demise.

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