Friday, June 8, 2012

They All Rolled Over & One Fell Out!

One day shy of 5 months and he did it! Daven rolled over! And guess what?! Nathan and I both missed the actual first roll...and the second...I'm sensing a pattern here :) Lil D was bottom side up when I peered through the pass through to check on him, while Nathan and I sleepily poured our cups of coffee. With sheer excitement we sprinted into the den to congratulate our big boy! I quickly sat, camera in hand and waited for his next big roll...all I got was a gummy smile and his continuous attempt to put his feet in his mouth (promise to upload as soon as we arrive in TLH).

This morning We were up before the birds, so another cup of coffee was necessary...grunting and loud shrieks echoing from the den...he did it again and again, I missed it. Thus, I've been waiting patiently, camera in tow, to capture his third and our first roll :)

Geeze, I love motherhood...and coffee :)

Dav at 5:45am - who needs sleep when you've got this lil nugget to keep you entertained?!

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