Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mr. Inquisitive

Tiny hands grabbing, Little eyes looking, watching, studying. Mouth opening, shutting, opening again- sometimes mimicking and sometimes tasting the object in hand. It's quite mesmerizing to watch Mr. inquisitive take in the world around him. With his eyes fixed firmly on the subject at hand, he is eating up every morsel!

We've reached the mimicking stage in D's young life. Certain sounds he's picking up as we make them and trying to copy our mouth movements- its very comical! He's figured out a few like uh oh and ooh (high to low pitch). He also copies us with his toys. When we spin it, he spins it!

We've also started to hear a little gibberish and of course, he likes to communicate with us non-stop! We knew we had a talker on our hands when he discovered his voice very early on, but someone won't nap unless mommy is there to talk first!

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