Thursday, July 12, 2012

Run Baby Run!

As most of you know, I've grown to love the blogging community. It's amazing how many crafty, kind, and inspirational people I've "met" via the blogosphere. Well, thanks to one of the fabulous bloggers that I follow, Laurie over at The (Mis)Adventures of a Jogging Stroller Mom and every past English teacher I encountered in  my school years, I WON a pair of Mizuno running shoes! Can't you just taste my shear excitement?! Unlike most girls, Diamonds aren't the way to my heart...bright, crazy, fabulous running shoes are! Plus, I got to pick whichever pair I wanted! These suckers aren't cheap, so I felt like I won the lottery!

Aren't they just fabulous?! Bright and obnoxious just like I like em!

So how did I win these beauty's? Mizuno has created a campaign called the Mezamashii project, which, in Japanese, Mezamashii means "brilliant". Instead of spending thousands of dollars on advertising, Mizuno selected thousands of runners from around the Country to try a pair of their shoes...for free. In addition, those selected got to choose an additional recipient...insert me. Laurie got creative and decided to giveaway her extra pair. In order to qualify you had to write a haiku about what you considered your most brilliant run. Thanks to all my English teachers for enstilling a love of English in me...I actually remembered the 5-7-5 syllable Japanese poem style! I have lots of "mezamashii" runs so where was I to begin? After much thought and constant syllable counting, I came up with this:

Calm Blue Ocean Waves
Running While The World Sleeps
Sand Beneath My Feet

The thing is, I've never won a giveaway of any sort-sad I know. I have tried numerous times, but alas my dreams of winning a $250 gift card to homegoods or $100 to home depot never come to fruition. Well, I guess God decided I'd been patient long enough and blessed me with this win! I've needed a new pair of running shoes for quite some time, but with being on a much stricter budget, I wouldn't allow myself to purchase a new pair...I had two perfectly good semi-used pairs in the closet! These babies will be on my front porch next week and I can't wait to break them in at the beach with D! Big thanks to Laurie and her sweet kiddos for selecting my haiku and bigger thanks to the big man upstairs for blessing me with new kicks!

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