Sunday, July 15, 2012


Congratulations to two fabulous ladies, Lindsay and Heather! I could not be more proud of my sister-in-law, Lindsay and Zeta sister, Heather, for following their dreams and creating their own online boutique!

Ver Sei offers a wide range of clothing, jewlery, and shoes- for a great price. AND, all are hand selected my Lindsay and Heather, fashionista's at heart! In addition, if you "like" their page, on facebook, you will be able to partake in their weekly steals and deals - trust me, their good! (If you click the words, "their page", it will take you right to it!) I have also added a link at the top of the blog that will take you directly to the Ver Sei website - spend your hearts out ladies!

Lindsay and Heather - the boutique that was once a mere dream is now reality. All the hours you've put in to establishing yourselves to picking the perfect outfits has paid off. This Varn trio could not be more proud of y'all!

Okay ladies, shop till you drop!

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