Tuesday, August 21, 2012


There are many good dads in this world, but not many greats...I'm lucky to be married to one of the greats who is raising a son to follow in his footsteps...

Monday, August 13, 2012

7 Months

Weight: 20lbs
New Skills:
- You can sit up VERY well!
- You love to race around the house in your walker- you're actually really fast !
- talking.all.the.time- you love to just hear your voice
- You know how to make the "n" sound and like "nnnnnnn" when it's time for bed...in other words you've already discovered how to say no
- Love the water and blowing bubbles with daddy
- Love to share my water on our morning runs...I think you really just love the water being squeezed into your mouth
- Discovered that puffs (soft Cheerios) are pretty fantastic and get really excited every time I get them out!
- You are quite active and always climbing out of our arms! Only problem you can't walk much less crawl...

Hard to believe D is 7 months old! Where has the time gone? He is quite the ball of energy and keeping us on our toes, but he gets it honestly!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Water Baby

As you may recall, Daven hated the water when he was a wee one - we held off a "real" bath until he was two months for that reason! Now, we have quite the little water baby on our hands! Whether it's in the pool, shower, or bathtub, D can sit and play for hours if you let him - actually sometimes it's the only way to get him to stop crying!

Gena had her babies swimming before they could walk - a feat I am overly impressed with - she is the type of woman that when she puts her mind to something it gets done NO.MATTER.WHAT.

Like his mother, Nathan is DETERMINED to have D swimming before he can walk and has taken it upon himself to teach our little man. I know I've said it before, but Nathan is an AMAZING father. He is so gentle and calm with Daven in the pool - teaching him how to blow bubbles, kick, even "dig" through the water with his little arms! On top of it all, Nathan has to deal with Cooper vying for his attention the entire time. As you all know, Nathan is not one who likes to multitask, but he tries his very best to entertain both boys during the evening swims.

Without further adeu - here are a few snippets and a little video of their most recent venture into the water!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Rise and Shine!

It's picture time! Thanks to groupon, we found a wonderful Sarasota photographer! Ms. Katelyn Prisco of Katelyn Prisco Photography met us bright and early at Turtle Beach to take a few pictures of our little family. Not only was she so wonderful to work with, but she took some beautiful pictures and was so sweet with Daven. Thank you Katelyn for a wonderful photo experience!

Unlike a lot of little ones who hate the sand (including me!), Daven had no problems sitting and eating the sand while Katelyn snapped a few pictures of our sweet boy.

Just Because...

Daven is growing up SO fast! He's become such a little boy over the past couple of weeks! We love you so much lil man!!

Sleepy Time: By, Daven Varn (narrated by Mom)

Well it's Friday - two weeks ago Mom got this wild idea that I needed to be on a stricter sleep schedule...I mean come on, who wouldn't want to feed me, hold me, and talk to me at 2am, 4am, AND 6am - I am pretty awesome!

Since I can't write or talk much for that matter, Mom was ever so kind to keep track of how well I did at giving her a run for her money...and thoroughly testing her patience!! My second week of sleep training didn't get recorded thanks to teething...I was in SO much pain, Mom had no choice but to veer from schedule and let me snuggle a few nights!

P.S. My comments are in BLUE

Day 1: Monday, July 23rd:
- Put D down @ 1:30pm - cried until 2:30pm - went in twice to sooth him and only cried louder after each attempt (I was not going to go down without a fight - for 6 months I've ruled this roost and now she wants to change it?!)
- Put back down at 2:45pm - 3:00pm - cried the entire time so I gave up and got him out of bed - put back down at 4:30pm, but still wouldn't sleep. I gave in and rocked him until he fell asleep...(hah, I'm already winning!)
- Cried when I put him to bed for 20 minutes - got up and snuggled with him until he passed out- slept until 3:30am and then up at 6:30am

Day 2: Tuesday, July 24th:
- Was put down at 10:30am, cried for 18 minutes and then fell asleep at 10:48 - slept until 1:28pm (look at my day yesterday - I was exhausted...I had to give mom some kind of break to at least make her think she was winning!)
- Second nap at 3:00pm - cried for 1.5 hours and wouldn't sleep - finally put in mom's bed at 5pm - fell asleep in 5 minutes and slept for 2 hours! (She was mean...1 1/2 hours - really mom?!)
- Went to bed at 9pm - fought for 10 minutes and then slept until 5:30am (I needed to gain my energy back to put up a good fight tomorrow!)

Day 3: Wednesday, July 25th:
- Fell asleep on my morning run with mom (around 20 minutes at 9am)- still asleep when put in crib, but was woken up 30 minutes later by visitor.
- Took 2nd nap at 12:30pm with mom b/c she was exhausted (hah...I'm breaking her down!)
- No afternoon nap- wouldn't sleep.
- Went to bed at 7:30pm and slept until 3:30am-only fought for 5 minutes. (Mom gave me infant Advil b/c my teeth are starting to bother me...only reason I slept...I think!)
- Didn't wake up until 7am

Day 4: Thursday, July 26th:
-Took short nap (15 min) on walk with mom (~8:45am)
- Put down at 10:40am for nap - came in after 15 minutes and rocked me for 2 minutes-put back down and continued to cry for another 16 minutes and FINALLY fell asleep after a total of 36 minutes @ 11:16am - only slept for 30 minutes!!! (I.AM.AWESOME...at this game!)
- Slept in car from 2:37pm-3:07pm while running errands
- Fell asleep during feeding at 7:00pm - woke up 25 minutes later (Mom was bad and let me sleep in her arms where I fell asleep - put me down and I cried for 5 minutes before falling asleep until 1am. Got back up at 5:30am - cried for 15 minutes when mom put me back to bed after nursing and then woke up at 7:40am)

Day 5: Friday, July 27th:
- Fell asleep after feeding at 10:13am - slept for 25 minutes and then wide awake
- Put back down at 12:17pm - cried for 5 minutes and then fell asleep until...1:43pm
- Didn't take another nap, but went to bed at 7:00pm - slept until midnight - got up...cried when put back to bed for 5 minutes and then slept until 6:15am. (Okay, so maybe this sleep thing isn't so bad...and mom's a lot stronger than I thought!)

Day 6: Saturday, July 28th:
- Got up at 6:15am and then took another cat nap from 7-8am.
- Went back down for a nap at 10:30am - little bit of fighting but  not alot...slept for an hour
- Took another around 1:30pm - then got up and stayed up until bed time at 7:00pm
- Slept until midnight then up at 3:30am, 5:30am, and finally 7:40am - cried every time mom put me down for close to 15 minutes (And you thought I was ready to give up without a fight?! Hah...you do know I'm the by-product of two VERY stubborn adults right!?)

Day 7: Sunday, July 29th:
-Woke up at 7:40am - took a nap at 9:30am and slept until 11 (oops we missed Church because I was sound asleep!)
- Took a 20 minute nap at 1:00pm and then was up the rest of the day until 6:45pm - fought for about 20 minutes before finally conching out until 3:45am-fought mom for about 5 minutes and didn't wake up again until 6:50am. (This was a LONG day for both mom and dad b/c I was awake for almost all of it, but it paid off at night!)

Notes from Mom: It's been one heck of a couple weeks, but we stuck to our guns (mostly) and D is slowly, but surely getting the hang of it. He definitely is a stubborn little dude since almost every mom we spoke to said it took them a mere two nights before their little ones didn't fight sleep...oh D, I think I have my hands full for the next 18+ years! Luckily last night (August 2nd) we turned a breaking point and he is doing better with going down and not fussing...hopefully it keeps up!

P.S. - we know he's asleep when he rolls over on his tummy...his favorite sleep position! Go Figure!