Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crawling...or something like that

Last week D had his "9 month" appointment...obviously it was miscalculated (their fault...shockingly not my poor math skills fault!) and it turned into his "8 month" appointment. Being that the only shots he would recieve at this visit were voluntary, we moved forward with his check-up.
For the most part, D's check-up got nothing but high marks - he's quite advanced in many areas...except one...moving without assistance.
Thus, we've been working everyday for 30 minutes at a time on getting this little munchkin to move by himself...a task that is ever so trying since he has NO DESIRE to crawl. Honestly, the child would prefer to walk - something the pediatrician said is typically not seen until older months (hah-he hasn't met the Varn offspring - Wyatt was walking at 9 months!)
With tested patience, we push on and he's definitely gotten stronger! He's a determined little guy and so desparately wants to move.  I'm very proud of him for pushing himself like he does - amidst the tears, frustrated screams, and tantrums he keeps trying until he gets his toy. You go D - you've got this!

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