Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sleep Baby Sleep Part II

For some odd reason the alarm started beeping at 4am this morning. I jumped out of bed in a haze of confusion and fear...of course this happens when Nathan is out of town. Had Sonitrol not called earlier that day to say the alarm was acting up I probably would have freaked out a tad bit more, but all I could think about was "oh great, the baby is now awake!" To my surprise, he made a slight wimper and WENT BACK TO SLEEP!
As I sit here typing this, Daven is still asleep...since 7:30pm!! I think it's safe to say we are officially sleeping thru the night! He gave us a glimpse of this glory last week when he slept from 9-8am two nights in a row. Then, his top two teeth started to peek through and we were back to early morning feedings at 6am and cranky evenings.

On the other hand, Cooper and I were up at 4am...I see a nap in our near future!!


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