Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekend with Nonni

This past weekend, my mom flew down to spend a few days in the warm Sarasota sun and play with her grandbaby. The time was spent catching up, antiquing, and cuddles with D! Daven is currently going through the clingy stage and we were a little worried that he wouldn't remember who "Nonni" was.
I must admit he was a little confused. You see, every day we facetime with my mom so that she can talk to Daven. Well, he couldn't quite figure out how she was in his home and not on the computer. This was made clear when we facetimed my dad and he said "nana?" to the ipad...oh how technology has changed our life!
However, after 24 hours, he cuddled right up to his grandmother and allowed Nathan and I a couple hours away for a nice overdue dinner date. We even got so lucky to sneak away for a movie the next day while Daven and Nonni played at home! We absolutely adore our little guy, but it was a much needed date with the hubs!
As usual, the visit was much too short, but fortunately, we get to see Nonni in three weeks for our road trip to Virginia!
Thanks Mom for coming to visit - you are such a blessing and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect visit!

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