Thursday, October 18, 2012

9 Months!

Weight: 20.4lbs
New Skills:
- Learned to clap
-Army crawling/scooting...although you really dislike this concept of moving!
-Sleeping thru the night
-Sharing your food and toys...especially with Cooper
-Love to walk around holding mommy and daddy's hands
-Improved balance- you can now reach for the table, chair, etc when holding our hand standing up
-Pulling up by yourself
-Drinking out of a straw
- You LOVE apples and try to take it out of anyone's hand that has one!
- First long road trip! You did AMAZING and were such a good rider!
-Took a few steps by yourself! You get a huge smile on your face every time you take a little step by yourself- you are such a proud little boy!
- First sleepover with Nonni, Meme, and Poppy while mommy and daddy had a little rendezvous to Washington DC.

Where oh where has the time gone?! In just 3 short months you will be a year old! You are such an amazing and sweet little boy and we love every minute we get to spend with you!

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