Thursday, October 18, 2012

Old McDonald Had A Farm

Our last visit to the dairy barn occurred when I was 13. The land had been sold decades before but had been rented back for at least 13 years. I didn't go to the barn that last time because I felt I had seen it enough - oh how wrong was I. We are creating our own farm memories with Daven sans milk barn, granny's house, and the cat barn. I do wish these landmarks were still around but we still have the cows and oh how he loves the cows!

Our week in Virginia was so wonderful! Our trek began the 5th of October with our first stop being my Uncle David's. D experienced his first "Mill Day" and Apple Festival where we quickly learned his love and fascination for Apples!

Our next stop was Meme and Poppy's! After getting lost in the mountains of VA, (Mom and I both stink at directions and we had zero satellite service!) we slowly made our way to their house where we were greeted with open arms and abundant kisses!

D quickly settled into his surroundings and soon discovered the "moo moo's". He was long as they kept their distance. The Bull is pretty friendly and came over to check us out...D wasn't too thrilled with that idea, but looked at him quite inquisitively and hesitantly.

With trips to our favorite antique stores in Lucketts, meandering around Middleburg, and checking out the Cows on the farm, I'd say we had a pretty fabulous trip!





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