Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Under the Weather

Our poor little Prince has his first cold. Prior to my departure for Erika's Bachelorette Party, D and I were both starting to feel under the weather. Poor Nate was left home with a somewhat sickly baby and was his superhero! He gave D all the cuddles, warm baths, and constant watch he needed! After checking with the doctor (first time parents, what do you expect?!) and being reassured he didn't need to go to the hospital, we embarked on a long night of tears, back rubs, Prayers, and cuddles....lots of cuddles!

Daven's fever FINALLY broke around 3:30am and we spent most of yesterday in our PJ's doing whatever the little man wanted...the benefits of being sick! He's feeling better, but still fighting sleep, which in turn, led Nate to be MY superhero! Although his beloved Presidential debate was on, we played the ultimate power couple as we tag teamed D's lil booty and made him go to bed. Through the laughs, frustrated "please go to sleeps", and "I'll go in after 15 minutes and lay him back down's", Nate finally swooped up his lil man and cuddled with him until he was fast asleep then quietly slipped out and I took his place. Nights like last night make me realize what a catch I truly have!

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