Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Our family apparently has a slight obsession with Superman...
Superman "flew" to our neighbors/friends homes to say Happy Halloween before the gaggle of trick-or-treater's showed up. Although Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (love all the cute kids!), ours was a fairly short night since the little guy needed to sleep. After a handful of kids stopped by the house, we quickly allowed the last bunch to take as much candy as they wished and turned off our lights 7:30pm early! Although we didn't get to see all the cute cosutmes roaming the streets last night, we did get to make a handful of kids super happy with the giant handfuls of candy they got to grab! One little boy quickly proclaimed to all the kids on the street "hey guys this house lets you take as much as you want!"...we quickly closed up shop thereafter :)



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