Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! The time change has thrown lil man for a loop and so our nights have been quite long...and naps quite short! Poor baby was a mess yesterday and this morning, but hopefully he is on the road to recovery as he's been asleep for two hours!
Besides the time change, our weekend was lovely. We took D to his first festival - the annual Chalk Festival in downtown Sarasota. Chalk artist from all over the country come to Sarasota for 6 days to create works of art in honor of the Ringling Circus. Although extremely crowded, it was rather amazing to see the artists at work creating 3D images of Clowns, Elephants, Tigers, etc. pop off of Pineapple Avenue!
We ended our weekend with a beautiful Sunday bridal shower for my dear friend Erika. D was such a trooper and made sure the spotlight didn't leave the beautiful blushing bride (he has a tendency to steal the show...oh the life of a baby!).
On top of it all D learned two new words...maybe three, but we're not sure what he's saying! D can now say:
- Choo Choo
- Tent
...and we think Dog, but it sounds more like "da"

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