Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy Birthday to Jesus! It's hard to believe this time last year we were patiently waiting for our precious Prince to make his debut! This first Christmas has been nothing short of amazing between the love that our family showered all over our little family to watching our sweet baby boy partake in his first Christmas!


May your day be filled with love, laughter, and many, MANY blessings! Let's not forget the real meaning of Christmas and thank God for giving us HIS precious Prince on this beautiful CHRISTmas day! xoxo

The truth of the matter is...

All that really matters is family! I'm not one to do anything on a whim...I'm quite the type A personality! However, a 1 1/2 ago my father had minor surgery for a carotid artery. After speaking with a very stressed out mother ( my father is stubborn and not the easiest patient!...I get it honestly!), Daven and I surprised them by making an impromptu trip to GA!

After talking it over with my very understanding and loving husband, Daven, Cooper, and I hopped in the car at 7pm Thursday night and drove our first leg to Tallahassee. Have I mentioned what an amazing and giving husband and in-laws I have?! Not one questioned my decision and opened their arms and home to us last minute!

We got to "Nonni and Pop-Pop's" Friday around 3pm and had a wonderful time. Thanks to my wonderful boys (N & D), I've learned life is too short to not be with the ones you love when they need it the most.

After our impromptu trip we ventured back to Tallahassee to be with Nate's family and celebrate an early Christmas. It was a sporadic and quick, but AMAZING trip :)



Jolly Old St. Nicholas...

"Lean your ear this way, don't you tell a single soul what I'm going to say!"- Actually D wanted St. Nick to stay as far away as possible! Love you lil man and promise not to torture you like this again, but you only celebrate your first year once!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Well today is 12.12.12 and it must be documented for our little guy since it will be at least a century before we see a day like today again.

To add to it...our day was anything but ordinary because...D decided to brave walking ALL.BY.HIMSELF! He's actually been trying for a few days, but today was the first day he was brave enough to let go without us being right there to catch him! He can even steady himself and stand strong before taking a step!

We are so proud of our little guy and hope you enjoy a brief snippet of his new skills!

Monday, December 10, 2012

For Your Viewing Pleasure!

Just a few videos of our new discoveries!
Sharing is caring! (Yes, gross, but I choose to pick my battles!)
He is so proud of his new accomplishment!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

We had the pleasure of babysitting little Ella this past Saturday night. Pleasure? I know, not the word most associate with babysitting someone else's little one, but we LOVE Ms. Ella! She is by far the sweetest three year old we've ever met and she LOVES "baby Daven" (yes, that's what she's called him from the day they met!).

To make the night fun, we took the kiddies to Grace Baptist to see the light show! We had a blast and got to experience what two kids was like for a night...it was wonderful!

Nate took a couple videos to document the fun night! The lights were donated by a local Sarasotian. The kind gentleman was there that night. Nate heard many children walk up to him and say, "thank you sir for donating your Christmas lights!" Ah- just melts my heart! The gentleman who donated the lights used to put the show on at his house - being that he is in a wheelchair, his neighbors would help him set the whole shabang up every year - talk about neighborly love! However, either by sheer popularity or just the amount of time and energy it took to set up, he donated everything to Grace Baptist Church and now the public gets to enjoy his beautiful creation!

11 Months!

Height: 29 inches (give or take...)
Head: 18 inches...according to my calculations your head hasn't grown in quite some time! :)
New Skills:
-Trying to feed yourself with spoon and fork
-Took first steps
-Learned how to share with cooper
-Had first swim lessons
-Tried chocolate milk
-Got two more teeth (top)
-Love to dance whenever you hear music
-Started having trouble sleeping thru the night...unless cuddling with mom and dad
-Says "uh ah, uh ah!", baba, Gigi, Nana, Dada, Mama, hot & lots of jibberish!
-Stood all by yourself without hiding on to anything for a matter of seconds
-Love to "talk" on the phone (hold everything to your ear and pretend its a phone)
-Love your sandbox
-Started drinking milk
-Love giving Mommy "kisses"....more like eating my lips but hey, you're trying!
-Starting to understand where your head is when asked
- LOVE cuties (tangerines)...we can't buy them fast enough!
- Love to clap and tap all.the.time!
- Learning how to say your Prayers
Wow, 11 months old! It is so hard to believe that 11 short months ago you made your way into our world and turned it upside down...for the better!  Your first birthday is QUICKLY approaching, and I am trying ever so diligently to get it all organized before the week of....one thing you will learn of your momma...I work best under pressure, which equals lots of last minute preparations! We love you so much and couldn't imagine our lives without your quircky personality! Yes, you definitely give us a run for our money...and precious sleep hours, but you have also shown us how great of a tag team we make in raising you! We love you sweet baby boy and wish you would slow your roll on the growing factor!


Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happiest of birthday's to the first man I ever loved...my daddy!
Dad, I wish we could be with you to celebrate your birthday, but we are always there in spirit! Thank you for being an amazing father and grandfather! You are the epitome of what a real man is and should be. Thank you for raising me to be the strong independent (and quite stubborn) woman that I am. Thank you for being my rock when necessary, my push when absolutely needed, and always, my biggest cheerleader. Thank you for always showing us your softer side, reminding us how proud you were/are, and STILL waking all three of your girls, plus wife, up every morning from whereever you are currently working...seriously, there aren't many dad's in this world that have alarms on their phones that say "wake-up daughters". Last, but not least, thank you for being a great grandfather to Daven. Seeing him light-up each time he sees you means so much to me! He loves you with all of his heart and I know he can't wait to go fishing with his "pop-pop"...just no "five little turkey's sitting in a tree" songs please :)

Bells Will Be Ringing...

This has been the year of weddings (six in all!) and next year I expected nothing different! We are beyond excited to announce that my best friend of 14 years is getting married!!! Jennifer and Jon got engaged over the weekend while hiking in Ashville. Jon, being the clever fellow that he is, didn't lead on to the proposal at all and waited until they had reached the top of the mountains before asking for Jen's hand in marriage.
Jennifer and Jon - We are on cloud nine for you two lovebirds! You two make such a perfect and beautiful couple! We wish you the very best as you plan your big day and can't wait to be there to celebrate with y'all!!!

Better Late Than Never!

I've been a little scatterbrained when it comes to the blog lately! Our life has been a little hectic with the holidays, weddings, traveling, upcoming 1st birthday....you name it, it's probably on our list!
However, a few weeks ago, we headed to Tallahasee for a wedding/Nathan meetings. The one BIG plus of not working is Daven and I get to travel with Nathan almost every time he goes to Tallahassee. To say it's nice is an understatement...it's wonderful! Not only do we get to spend quality time almost every month with family, but I get a little break from full-time mom to run, relax, and catch up with my M-I-L and S-I-L's! I must admit, I love my solo runs up and down the Tallahasee hills listening to whatever my heart desires (sorry Raffi...baby beluga just doesn't get the job done!)
While we were in Tallahassee, Gena and Fred took some time off to spend with us! We had a great time catching up, lunching at my favorite place in the world (Hopkins), AND venturing to the Tallahasee Jr. Museum! This was my first as well as Daven's time to the Jr. Museum where we'd heard endless stories from Nate about how cool it was. Well, it did not dissapoint - we had a blast! It was a perfect Veteran's day spent with my in-laws and sweet prince!