Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happiest of birthday's to the first man I ever daddy!
Dad, I wish we could be with you to celebrate your birthday, but we are always there in spirit! Thank you for being an amazing father and grandfather! You are the epitome of what a real man is and should be. Thank you for raising me to be the strong independent (and quite stubborn) woman that I am. Thank you for being my rock when necessary, my push when absolutely needed, and always, my biggest cheerleader. Thank you for always showing us your softer side, reminding us how proud you were/are, and STILL waking all three of your girls, plus wife, up every morning from whereever you are currently working...seriously, there aren't many dad's in this world that have alarms on their phones that say "wake-up daughters". Last, but not least, thank you for being a great grandfather to Daven. Seeing him light-up each time he sees you means so much to me! He loves you with all of his heart and I know he can't wait to go fishing with his "pop-pop"...just no "five little turkey's sitting in a tree" songs please :)

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