Monday, December 10, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

We had the pleasure of babysitting little Ella this past Saturday night. Pleasure? I know, not the word most associate with babysitting someone else's little one, but we LOVE Ms. Ella! She is by far the sweetest three year old we've ever met and she LOVES "baby Daven" (yes, that's what she's called him from the day they met!).

To make the night fun, we took the kiddies to Grace Baptist to see the light show! We had a blast and got to experience what two kids was like for a was wonderful!

Nate took a couple videos to document the fun night! The lights were donated by a local Sarasotian. The kind gentleman was there that night. Nate heard many children walk up to him and say, "thank you sir for donating your Christmas lights!" Ah- just melts my heart! The gentleman who donated the lights used to put the show on at his house - being that he is in a wheelchair, his neighbors would help him set the whole shabang up every year - talk about neighborly love! However, either by sheer popularity or just the amount of time and energy it took to set up, he donated everything to Grace Baptist Church and now the public gets to enjoy his beautiful creation!

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