Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The truth of the matter is...

All that really matters is family! I'm not one to do anything on a whim...I'm quite the type A personality! However, a 1 1/2 ago my father had minor surgery for a carotid artery. After speaking with a very stressed out mother ( my father is stubborn and not the easiest patient!...I get it honestly!), Daven and I surprised them by making an impromptu trip to GA!

After talking it over with my very understanding and loving husband, Daven, Cooper, and I hopped in the car at 7pm Thursday night and drove our first leg to Tallahassee. Have I mentioned what an amazing and giving husband and in-laws I have?! Not one questioned my decision and opened their arms and home to us last minute!

We got to "Nonni and Pop-Pop's" Friday around 3pm and had a wonderful time. Thanks to my wonderful boys (N & D), I've learned life is too short to not be with the ones you love when they need it the most.

After our impromptu trip we ventured back to Tallahassee to be with Nate's family and celebrate an early Christmas. It was a sporadic and quick, but AMAZING trip :)



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