Thursday, December 19, 2013

We're still alive...I promise!

Hi family and friends! Truly sorry for neglecting this sweet spot in my really, updating y'all on our life is my escape from the hectic-ness that consumes our current state of affairs. We are alive and making it - some days MUCH better than others.

Here's a quick review of our wanderings and ponderings over the past month ('s only been a month?!)

- Sat. December 14th: We attempted to visit the Boat light show in our good ole' town of SRQ...we saw one boat. Daven flipped because he couldn't be on the actual boat...seriously the kid hightailed it for the Ocean to climb aboard one of the many festive vessels and Grady screamed because he was hungry...again...after nursing AND taking a 4oz. bottle. We got dressed, we saw a boat, we conquered our first trip out with both boys for a seemingly fun event!

- Sun. December 15th: We visited Grace Baptist Churches light show...success! D had a blast eating his cookie, seeing all the lights, and dancing to the tunes with his girlfriends Riley and Ella. Grady gave us an hour reprieve from crying and cuddled up in his wrap for a nice long snooze...before screaming the whole 3 mile drive home...he was probably hungry again (story.of.our.lives)

- Although this is old news to most of you folks, we (or should I say Nathan) bought a boat. Yep, the VERY LAST item on our "want" list somehow made it to the very top rather quickly...the boys are estactic and I'm slowly warming up to the idea..not that I have much of a choice since we bought it.

- We stumbled upon THIS made my month...seriously, I got a good MUCH needed laugh!

- G-man SMILED!! This made my year since this kid has had a rough go of it his first 6 weeks of life (more on that later). Tried to capture on film, but he was very uncooperative...or hungry...or done being cute.


- G-man LAUGHED!! We are slowly reaching these first month milestones and that makes me one happy and proud Momma...sweetest little laugh that usually occurs when being changed in his room on his changing table...can't seem to get him to laugh anywhere else - it must be the awesome gallery wall his awesome parents made him!

- Daven is growing by leaps and bounds! The kid is talking up a storm, "reading" me books, throwing  crazy intense temper tantrums (why am I surprised...I was a pouter and Nate...HIGH energy = INTENSE toddler). He's adorable and a handful and I love everything about him...especially his cuddles.

- We are [kind of] attempting to get Daven to sleep in his own bed...but he tends to show up about 2am with a look of determination as he climbs up, says "hi momma", and curls up for the rest of his nightly slumber (Nate and I BOTH did this...payback is a you know what).

AND because I've made you wait this are a slew of pictures of our adorable offspring in all their adorableness.

Monday, December 2, 2013

One Month!

Weight: 9.6 lbs.
Height: 22 1/2 in.
Head: 14.5 in.
New Skills:
- You're really strong and very good at holding your head up!
- You rock at Tummy time because of being so strong! You can already move your head side to side.
- You can definitely identify who your Momma is...I think you can smell the constant stream of spit up you leave on me...primarily in my hair thanks to your awesome projectile spits.

We made it one whole month! Either we completely forgot what the first month was like or this little nugget is going to give us a run for our money! Grady requires constant feedings - like cluster feeds, but all day long. He's not happy sitting by himself or kicking it with Cooper on the playmat, but would prefer to be held or fed all day long...hard to accomplish with a toddler who also wants your undivided attention! We are beyond exhausted and trying with all our might to remember that this stage will pass. 

We did learn at his recent check-up that he may be battling GERD - a Gastro reflux disease. The poor baby is just so not happy and can't lay down without hurting. After reading the symptoms (he has them all) and talking with our doctor, they have prescribed him zantac twice a day to help sooth his tummy. Praying this works and we can get a few smiles and NO probing his throat/stomach/intestine!

Honestly, it was a relief to be told I wasn't acting like an overly paranoid parent and that our child does seem to have some kind of reflux problem.

Hopefully his 2 month check-up will be G-R-E-A-T!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Grady's Birth Story

Although I've tried to keep everyone updated with pictures of the boys, I've yet to tell y'all just about our sweet new addition, Master Grady Alexander Varn!

We prayed Grady would make his arrival prior to his due date, but weren't actually prepared for him doing so! Luckily, I'd packed weeks earlier and already spoken with neighbors about taking Daven so we were somewhat prepared for d-day! 

I've heard the horror stories of women going into labor or their water breaking and they didn't know it...well I am officially one of "those" women. My water broke around 2:30am, but I truly thought I'd just peed myself. I know, TMI, but it's the truth! Two hours later, many google searches (yep, I went there), and peeing myself three more times (think I would have gotten the hint), I woke Nathan and told him I was going to go up to the hospital to be on the safe side. I was having contractions about every 10 minutes, but I wasn't in pain so I thought I was just being paranoid. The poor front desk guy thought I was crazy. His exact words, "you think your water broke and you drove yourself here, but you don't need a wheelchair and you're not in pain?! Umm, okay, follow me".  Sure enough, lil bits was going to be making his arrival that day and I was in labor, natural labor! Apparently my contractions were actually 2-4 minutes apart, but I wasn't feeling them unless they were off the charts big - apparently I really do have a high tolerance for pain! 

The phone call was made to the hubs that we were having this baby and off he went to get D squared away, pack an overnight bag, and join me in the waiting game. Once he arrived we spoke with our Doctor (my OB was out of town) and he explained that since we'd already been in labor for four hours (I'd waited two hours before heading to the hospital....yep I was in that much denial) he highly recommended that we push pitocin in order to get this labor rolling. Being that D had a more laborious birth, we took his recommendation, numbed me up with a good ole' epidural and got the ball rolling. I did forewarn the nurse that as soon as she pushed both those drugs my labor was most likely going to go from 0-60 in a matter of minutes (I dilated in 30 minutes from 1cm to 10 cm with D). Did she believe me? Nope, but she did when Grady's heart rate dropped to 50 and wasn't going back up. Why? Within the time she'd pushed the pitocin to the time she left for lunch (30 minutes) Grady had decided he was! Three pushes and pulling another Doctor off the floor (our Doctor for the day was stuck in traffic) our little bits was born in 10 minutes! Easiest and quickest labor ever! The nurses were even shocked at how quickly everything went down! Although easy, it was downright crazy. We had four nurses fly through the door and tell me that we had to do x,y,z to make sure baby was okay. They threw an oxygen mask on me and actually freaked me out that something was terribly wrong with Grady. He was fine, but just coming ASAP.

A healthy Grady Alexander was born at 12:10pm at 6 lbs. 10 oz. and 20".

Our first night was a breeze and 24 hours later we were taking our sweet baby home. He's been fairly easy ever since and LOVES to eat (aka "Bruiser"). Seriously, the kid eats like a fiend...falls asleep and then wakes up to eat again! Grady dropped 8oz. from his birth weight in 48 hrs. so I worked hard to get him back up. Within three days he'd already put his birth weight back on plus an ounce...again our nurses were stunned and I was quite proud. His current demon, like D, is sleeping. He's not a good evening sleeper due to falling asleep while nursing (impossible to wake him) and then is hungry thirty minutes later...evenings are HARD! Plus, D has decided he's still sleeping in our bed.

Unlike D, this kid does seem to get all the ailments - we've already called the doctor hotline and had an impromptu visit. Turns out little bits has clogged tear ducts and thus we've had to be very diligent about keeping his eyes cleaned. The good news, he's gained another two ounces since his prior check-up (two days prior). I told ya, the kid is an eating champ and I'm very sore!

We are in LOVE with our little boy and I am in LOVE with my house full of boys! I love how goofy/sweet my King and Prince are and it looks like this little guy may be a little more docile like his Mama - I am so blessed!

Update** Since writing his birth story, G man's little personality has truly come out - he's still sweet and pretty mellow, but definitely stubborn and wants what he wants when he wants it! Who said Red heads were the only headstrong ones?! 

How we do...

Yep, there's a kid in there....yep, I know it's on inside out...and yep, this is how I get ANYTHING done when the big kid is asleep and the little just wants to be eat for the first time today (seriously, that's the hardest thing to do with two under 2)!

We bought a new wrap for this stage-5 clinger and its been LIFE CHANGING! The Moby is great and we will use it when he is older, but this thing, the Baby K'Tan, is so easy, less fabric/same strength, and a breeze to whip on and off when needed.

My life has if it were waterproof and I could shower...

Monday, November 25, 2013

I promise...

I promise a new post soon, but life is a little cray cray with two under 2 & blogging just doesn't make the cut! 

But here's some pics to hold ya over!


Friday, November 22, 2013

Week One: Two Kids, One Momma

Sorry family and friends for the lack of posts containing lots of pictures of our ridiculously good looking Varn offspring (seriously, they're pretty cute)! This was our first week without an extra pair of hands so it's been a little chaotic/slow going and all morning PJ parties! 

Alas, we made it and no one was harmed in the process....okay, so maybe Nate and I are living in a state of perpetual fog, but the kiddo's are alive and thriving, which is all that truly matters right?!

Daven has surpassed all our expectations and been such a big boy! He loves to check on Grady and make sure he's okay, helps me grab things (with a few reminders, but he's still helping), and has learned the art of playing solo - this one makes my heart hurt a little because I feel so bad that I can't give him my full attention anymore, but he seems to be okay with the adjustment. In turn, I try to give him as much attention as possible when Grady is asleep...and neglect the fifty other things I have to do around the house like laundry, clean, grocery shop (that one scares me with two kiddos)! 

Grady, aka Bruiser, has been an adjustment. Obviously God gives you Mommy brain so that you forget all the no so fun moments of early childhood. You know, the sleepless nights, ear piercing shrills, and constant diaper changes to name a few. The kid just doesn't like to sleep for more than 2 hours at ANY given time and wants to eat ALL THE if he could have an IV drip of breastmilk he'd be so very happy! We tried to supplement with formula to fill this little bugger up, but nope, he was still hungry and got a stomachache...Grady-1, Mom-0.

BUT, even with the few rough patches we've accomplished a lot this week as well!

- I've gotten dressed every day...go Mom! Yep, yoga pants count as clothes right now!
- We've made two outings...the park and target - huge accomplishment NOT to have a screaming child!
- We took a walk WITH Cooper...yep this Momma took both boys in the double jogger plus the Coop nugget for a 1 mile was quite a sight to see!
- The clothes got washed...and some got folded. Put away? Hah - funny...
- The house was swept and dusted - I just couldn't stand the dog hair for one more minute!
- We've mastered the Moby Wrap! This is huge since G wants to be held 24/7 and D wants to ride his bike or swing everyday rain or shine.
- I had my first solo 24 blew and involved lots of tears and tested patience, but we survived...barely!

Were getting there slowly, but were getting there...xoxo

Friday, November 8, 2013

Oh baby!

Xoxo- I'm exhausted and D is starting to slightly rebel against me (I'm not surprised), but the headaches will soon subside and these two will be best friends :) 

Really, he (Daven) has been amazing and such a little helper, but he's starting to get over Momma not being able to give him attention 24/7...sorry son, you now have to split me 50:50 :)

But, this too shall pass and we will forget all about these long days and nights :) 

We are blessed beyond measure for both of our healthy baby boys and life wouldn't be the same without them (or a big evening Goblet of wine)!

Monday, November 4, 2013

The progression of the Grady Bump!

Well, since Grady decided to come early, I didn't get the last "maternity" shot that I was hoping to get, but luckily we did record most of this pregnancy! It's funny looking back and thinking how big I felt! Can you tell I was ready for this little nugget to make his debut by the 9 month picture?!

And here is the VERY LAST bump picture (38 1/2 weeks) we got before Grady made his debut a few days later!