Thursday, January 17, 2013

12 Months

Weight: 21.4lbs
Height: 31"
Head: 18 3/4"
New Skills:
- Walking, walking, walking!! You are all over the place and LOVE exploring the house! Thus far, we are VERY lucky because you don't get into anything you aren't supposed to...please don't make me eat my words!
- New words: yum, up
- Placing people with their know your grandparents, great-grandparents, Auntie Alex & Morgan, Mommy, Daddy, and Cooper!
- Can sit on your knees
- Stand on your tippy toes!
- LOVE to find the "airplanes" and "birds" in the sky!
- LOVE looking and pointing at the stars
- No more're a straight laced milk kinda kid! (You are half dairy farmer bred!)
- Started biting...espeically Mom, but are getting better
- Understand "no" and actually pretty good at listening when we tell you not to touch something
- Had your first ear fever just super cuddly!
- Can do the "Seminole chop"...well your version anyways, but you do mimic Daddy and try to sing the chant as well!
- singing if you're happy and you know it!
-Gives high-five's
- Blows kisses to Nonni...wont do it for anyone else and this makes your Nonni's day!
- Love to call everyone "dada"...he is definitely your favorite person!
- Love doing the itsy bitsy're very good at the itsy bitsy and wash the spider out parts!
- Know where your head is and for the most part your ears
- You are SO least we think so! At one we can tell you to lay down next to us and we'll read a book - you do just that! Plus, I love the extra cuddle time I get with you!
My oh my, where has the time gone?! You are officially one year old and such a little boy! You are cruising all over the house and find this new skill quite delightful! I am mesmerized each day at your intelligence and love for all things boy!  You have a fascination with the outdoors and we are ALWAYS outside no later than 8:30 am to swing...I think the neighbors have seen us in our PJ's more times than they would care to! Many mornings we begrudgingly head outdoors with sleepy eyes and bedhead, but know it is such a blessing that you would rather be outside than watching TV...a habit we truly hope you don't grow out of! You still love to dance and your moves have gotten a lot more pronounced! Your smile is contagious and your laugh heartwarming...we are in so much trouble when you discover girls! Precious Prince, we love you and although you won't remember this first year, it has been nothing short of amazing for your Papa and I! Thank you for abundantly blessing us!

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