Monday, April 22, 2013

12 Weeks!

How far along: 12 weeks...and some days!

Size of baby: A plum!

Baby weight: 3-4lbs.

Showing?: A little bit! My abs have definitely disappeared!

Maternity Clothes: Not yet...

Stretch marks: Nada, but my booty is definitely a little saggier...

Movement: Too little to tell, but according to the first ultrasound (9 weeks), little one was wiggling, but not like his/her brother at the same time!

Gender: No idea...

Belly button in/out: In!

Morning sickness: Starting to subside, but the evenings are still pretty miserable! Heart burn is worse this time around as well.

Cravings: I definitely wanted full fat foods the first couple months, but that has begun to taper off! Food has been harder this go round as it really has grossed me out! Still having a hard time with meats and vegetables so my diet has mainly consisted of apples, cereal, toast, yogurt, cottage cheese, and of course sweets!

Exercise: Luckily Baby Varn #2 likes exercise and its been my saving grace! Still enjoy short runs and walking. Weights...need to get back in the habit, but the couch is just so comfortable during nap time!

Energy: Comes and goes- each day is different and really depends on how much sleep D let's me get!

What I miss: Having the energy to play all day with my main little man and clean the house in record takes all week to get this little place tip top!

What I won't miss: The added knees are already starting to feel the effects of baby weight. I also won't miss the energy zap, I think that's the worst this go round!

What I'm looking forward to: Movement!! It is definitely one of my favorite parts about pregnancy. I am really excited to get to share that with Daven this time too! I can't wait to see his little expression the first time he feels his brother/sister kicking my tummy...I have a feeling he may be a little freaked out!

Best Moment: Making it through the first trimester and seeing our little nugget for the first time. To know there is a healthy little baby growing inside you is quite amazing...they really are little miracles!

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