Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NV2 + D +...

As mentioned in the most recent post, there is a REALLY good reason for why we've been M.I.A. in the blogosphere lately. If you haven't already guessed or been told, this little family of three is adding a new member!

Baby Varn #2 will be making his or her debut early November and we are nothing short of ecstatic! Daven...he might have other thoughts on gaining a sibling, but we know once the munchkin is here he will be a GREAT big brother!

Unlike our Prince, this lil nugget has given me a run for my money these first couple of months...all day sickness (a man definitely coined the phrase "morning-sickness" because that stuff lasts all.day.long!), exhaustion, and food aversion out the wazoo! Thus, wanting to blog was the LAST thing on my list of things to do! The first trimester woes are starting to subside and D is getting his mommy back (playing with a toddler while on the verge of feeling sick is not so fun!).

Pretty terrible picture...but there's Grady!

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