Thursday, May 2, 2013

13 Weeks!

Since this little one seems to be making me pop a lot more than D (typical with the second child), we will chronicle as many weeks as we can in weekly bump pictures!

How far along: 13 weeks!

Size of baby: A peach!

Baby weight: 4lbs.

Showing?: Yep! However, I just look pudgy to those that don't know me!

Maternity Clothes: Not yet...but have definitely whipped out the bigger workout shorts!

Stretch marks: Nada, but my booty is definitely a little saggier...

Movement: Nada

Gender: The tech thinks it's a boy based off our 12 week ultrasound, but not making any rash room decisions yet!

Belly button in/out: In!

Morning sickness: Starting to subside, but the evenings are still pretty miserable! Heart burn is worse this time around as well.

Cravings: Yogurt, apples, bananas, carbs, milk, and still Cheerios! Sweets kill me right now and still no bueno with meats!

Exercise: Trying! Sarasota is already warming up so walking has been our constant- definitely noticing the baby weight!

Energy: Comes and goes- each day is different and really depends on how much sleep D let's me get!

What I miss: I have a feeling this whole pregnancy will be exhausting and energy will be greatly missed! I've really missed my zeal for exercise!

What I won't miss: Dizziness, heart burn, exhaustion, weight gain...ya know normal prego things!

What I'm looking forward to: Still movement (got a ways to go...didn't feel D until 21 weeks) and actually looking pregnant...I have a really hard with the first trimester pudgy appearance :)

Best Moment: Seeing a healthy baby on the ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat....such a reassuring sight and sound! However, it's funny how different this little one already is! He/she was all stretched out and cool as a cucumber, while D was all curled up like a little Yogi master and wiggly! Only similarity...they both have/had a case of the hiccups!

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  1. You will feel movement much sooner with this one, especially because they are going to be close together. I think I felt my first flutters around 14 weeks but it wasn't constant until closer to 16/17 weeks.

    Congratulations again!