Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Here Goes Nothing...

Well, I can't hold it off any longer...the Prince is ready to Potty Train! My poor rugs are cringing at the thought of what's to come, but Daven is ready. He's actually been ready for about a week now, but being the terrible mother I am was holding off. Why? With the upcoming arrival of his little brother (10 weeks left!) I was nervous there would be too much change going on around the house - last thing I wanted to do was overwhelm him! Alas, he's decided that he's ready for this gigantic step into the big boy world! 

- Sign #1 happened after we got the potty. We had asked him if he wanted to go potty on the big boy potty and he said yes (about 2 months ago). SO, we knew he was getting there, but just wasn't all the way there...or at least his momma wasn't! About two weeks ago he started to show interest in sitting on the bottom and "trying" to go.
- Sign #2 occurred at the beach when he kept pulling at his diaper to take it off...I was hoping it was just an itchy bottom from all the sand and sun, but apparently he wanted big boy undies like his cousin
- Sign #3 happened today (8/27) when he followed me into the bathroom, sat down on his little potty (he had really bad diaper rash so we didn't have his diaper on), and proceeded to pee ALL.BY.HIMSELF!
- Sign #4...he knows when he potties and since we were letting him run around diaper-less we obviously were going to have an accident..."mama uh-oh poo poo" came oh so soon on our lovely Jute rug (try cleaning that up)!

Thus, the potty is in the den, the Cars undies & M&Ms have been purchased, and our venture into the world of potty training will begin tomorrow...after my doctors appointment because no one's got time for potty breaks when you're laid up on a doctors table!

Wish us luck!!

Varn Family Vacay 2013

Hello Family and Friends! Well we just returned from our annual Varn Family Beach Vacation! It was a wonderful visit with family and lots of memories made! Daven was SO much fun this year since he was actually old enough to enjoy the beach! Lucky for D his grandfather AND Uncle Ryan have a boat and he got to enjoy many boat cruises in the bay! If it were up to Daven we would have been purchasing our own boat on the way home from the beach....that kid is a thrill seeker! He not only loved the water, but loved driving the boat fast! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Surprise Visit!!

So this past weekend I was supposed to travel to Atlanta for my best friends Bachelorette party in Charleston, SC. Well, after our 28 week appointment, all trips were cancelled until we knew exactly what was going on with our little one. 

Well, my sweet family and husband and apparently everyone else I know kept a VERY good secret as my mother flew down for the weekend to keep me company and make me relax - again MY.MOM.ROCKS! Actually, my whole family rocks, but my mom is by far my best friend and thus just the person I needed during all of this! Although I knew it was best to stay home and relax I was devastated to be missing my best friends special weekend that I had worked so hard to make perfect for her. My mom knew this and knew I'd need someone to keep my mind on this baby.

We had a wonderful visit and I couldn't be more blessed to have such an amazing woman in my life! Thanks Mom for all that you do and for being the best Mom a girl could ask for! And after looking through pics, apparently we only like taking them of the golden child sans adults...

Baby #2 Update

Hello family and friends! If you read our 28 week post or spoke with us, you know our little bits gave us a slight scare last week. To recap, his heart was beating irregularly which led to a trip to triage followed by an echo-cardiogram on the 21st (today).

Well, thank you for all your prayers and well wishes because little bits is a-okay! He has a Benign PAC - premature arterial contraction. Simply, his little heart beats an extra beat every now and then. We learned that as we are growing, the chambers of our heart are fighting to be the "pacemaker". Sometimes even after one chamber has decided they will be the pacemaker, the others aren't necessarily ready to give up the fight. There is nothing to worry about as everything, and I mean everything, is perfect with his heart! The ultrasound tech was very impressed with how great it looked and actually seemed giddy getting to record and monitor all the heart processes (there are a lot)! This little bump should work itself out as he gets bigger and his chambers stop trying to be the big man on campus. Even if we go into labor with this irregularity, we can still deliver naturally and it should just fix itself upon birth.

To help put our minds at ease even more there is nothing we can or could have done to prevent this... I was even given the go ahead to resume drinking my one cup of coffee a day. Like adults, sometimes caffeine effects our heart and sometimes it doesn't. Stress can also play a slight factor, but only a small amount of the hormones produced from stress actually travel to the fetus. So, we were given the a-okay to travel, drink a small amount of caffeine, and enjoy the rest of our very boring pregnancy...obviously we will be slowing down a little to ensure we don't end up back in triage!

And, to end on a happy note...here are a few pictures of D because he always makes things better!

Sleeping with Mom & Dad...we need two king beds!
Pointing to the baby for a picture for Pop-Pop...Nate can take more at this angle because he makes me look good!
Rocking his new shades from Nonni for our morning walk!
New toy from Nonni...he HAD to hold it on the way home and fell asleep :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

6-7 Months!

Okay, so I'm terrible and COMPLETELY missed a 6 month belly shot. Between travel preparations, family coming in town, Daven being a toddler, upcoming wedding, and baby showers life has been just a tad bit hectic!

How far along: 28 Weeks!

28 week update: So this appointment gave us a slight scare with lil bits heartbeat showing some irregularity. After a couple of hours in triage monitoring little bits, a schedule echo-cardiogram for the 21st, and a few pretty constant contractions, we are hanging low. Anatomically little bits is a-okay as well as his fluid, but they want to take as many precautionary measures as possible. God sure does have a way of slowing me down...even when I'm not a very happy camper with it! Unfortunately, this means travel must lighten and plans must be cancelled - to say I'm sad is an understatement, but our babies health must come first. 

Size of baby: Eggplant!

Baby weight:  Well, the baby weight decided to finally hit in one big ole' lump! At my 6 month appointment, I added 5 lbs (that was a real shocker!) and as of my gluten test appointment another 2 lbs (I blame my grandparents farm cooking)! Add another 1 lb. at my actual appointment and I'm currently hanging out at 136 lbs...+21 lbs pre-baby weight.

Showing?: Oh yes, there is no denying this baby bump!

Maternity Clothes: Not yet...but that's just because I haven't caved and bought summer maternity wear. Luckily, the way I carry I'm able to buy bigger shorts and maxi dresses that seem to do the trick!

Stretch marks: Nope, but everything is starting to expand...

Movement: Oh yes! He wiggles ALL.THE.TIME! I love every minute of feeling him squirm...it's such a nice reminder that he's growing healthy and strong!

Gender: Still a boy!

Belly button in/out: In, but kinda out? It's a weird looking hole on my belly these days!

Morning sickness: Gone minus the occasional headache :)

Cravings: Have pretty much slowed down. He's getting so big I'm starting to lose room for food! I notice I can't eat as much at each meal, which equals many little snacks!

Exercise: Walking and lifting weights when I have the energy. We try to walk 4-5 days a week because I have GOT to get out of the house as does D. It's deathly hot down here so it's definitely harder to find the time to walk, but we are making it work!

Energy: Comes and goes. Some days I'm bouncing off the walls and others...I'm just a big pregnant mush!

What I miss: Still sleep and energy!

What I won't miss: Lack of energy, but then again will I ever get that back?!

What I'm looking forward to: Some calmness before little bit's arrives! We are traveling non-stop right now and although it's all for fun events, I'm exhausted!

Best Moment: Still his movement! 

And...D still LOVES to get in on the photo shoot action! It's actually the only time he will willingly stand still and attempt a smile for a picture!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Virginia Trip!

A couple of weeks ago, D and I flew to Virginia to spend time with my family! We had a wonderful visit and D absolutely loved seeing the "moo moo's". Every morning and evening we HAD to go see them. On top of it all, D was an AMAZING flyer! He loved everything about the airplane this trip! Taking off and landing he laughed and oohed and only cried when the plane came to a stop because the ride was over. My flying jitters have been put to rest for a little longer!

I cherish these precious moment's I get to spend with my grandparents and family on the farm!