Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Surprise Visit!!

So this past weekend I was supposed to travel to Atlanta for my best friends Bachelorette party in Charleston, SC. Well, after our 28 week appointment, all trips were cancelled until we knew exactly what was going on with our little one. 

Well, my sweet family and husband and apparently everyone else I know kept a VERY good secret as my mother flew down for the weekend to keep me company and make me relax - again MY.MOM.ROCKS! Actually, my whole family rocks, but my mom is by far my best friend and thus just the person I needed during all of this! Although I knew it was best to stay home and relax I was devastated to be missing my best friends special weekend that I had worked so hard to make perfect for her. My mom knew this and knew I'd need someone to keep my mind on this baby.

We had a wonderful visit and I couldn't be more blessed to have such an amazing woman in my life! Thanks Mom for all that you do and for being the best Mom a girl could ask for! And after looking through pics, apparently we only like taking them of the golden child sans adults...

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  1. So glad Ellen made it down there! We sure missed you, but proud you made the decision you did. And these pictures of Daven... he's growing up so fast - I can't believe how big he is! Love you both.