Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Baby #2 Update

Hello family and friends! If you read our 28 week post or spoke with us, you know our little bits gave us a slight scare last week. To recap, his heart was beating irregularly which led to a trip to triage followed by an echo-cardiogram on the 21st (today).

Well, thank you for all your prayers and well wishes because little bits is a-okay! He has a Benign PAC - premature arterial contraction. Simply, his little heart beats an extra beat every now and then. We learned that as we are growing, the chambers of our heart are fighting to be the "pacemaker". Sometimes even after one chamber has decided they will be the pacemaker, the others aren't necessarily ready to give up the fight. There is nothing to worry about as everything, and I mean everything, is perfect with his heart! The ultrasound tech was very impressed with how great it looked and actually seemed giddy getting to record and monitor all the heart processes (there are a lot)! This little bump should work itself out as he gets bigger and his chambers stop trying to be the big man on campus. Even if we go into labor with this irregularity, we can still deliver naturally and it should just fix itself upon birth.

To help put our minds at ease even more there is nothing we can or could have done to prevent this... I was even given the go ahead to resume drinking my one cup of coffee a day. Like adults, sometimes caffeine effects our heart and sometimes it doesn't. Stress can also play a slight factor, but only a small amount of the hormones produced from stress actually travel to the fetus. So, we were given the a-okay to travel, drink a small amount of caffeine, and enjoy the rest of our very boring pregnancy...obviously we will be slowing down a little to ensure we don't end up back in triage!

And, to end on a happy are a few pictures of D because he always makes things better!

Sleeping with Mom & Dad...we need two king beds!
Pointing to the baby for a picture for Pop-Pop...Nate can take more at this angle because he makes me look good!
Rocking his new shades from Nonni for our morning walk!
New toy from Nonni...he HAD to hold it on the way home and fell asleep :)

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