Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Here Goes Nothing...

Well, I can't hold it off any longer...the Prince is ready to Potty Train! My poor rugs are cringing at the thought of what's to come, but Daven is ready. He's actually been ready for about a week now, but being the terrible mother I am was holding off. Why? With the upcoming arrival of his little brother (10 weeks left!) I was nervous there would be too much change going on around the house - last thing I wanted to do was overwhelm him! Alas, he's decided that he's ready for this gigantic step into the big boy world! 

- Sign #1 happened after we got the potty. We had asked him if he wanted to go potty on the big boy potty and he said yes (about 2 months ago). SO, we knew he was getting there, but just wasn't all the way there...or at least his momma wasn't! About two weeks ago he started to show interest in sitting on the bottom and "trying" to go.
- Sign #2 occurred at the beach when he kept pulling at his diaper to take it off...I was hoping it was just an itchy bottom from all the sand and sun, but apparently he wanted big boy undies like his cousin
- Sign #3 happened today (8/27) when he followed me into the bathroom, sat down on his little potty (he had really bad diaper rash so we didn't have his diaper on), and proceeded to pee ALL.BY.HIMSELF!
- Sign #4...he knows when he potties and since we were letting him run around diaper-less we obviously were going to have an accident..."mama uh-oh poo poo" came oh so soon on our lovely Jute rug (try cleaning that up)!

Thus, the potty is in the den, the Cars undies & M&Ms have been purchased, and our venture into the world of potty training will begin tomorrow...after my doctors appointment because no one's got time for potty breaks when you're laid up on a doctors table!

Wish us luck!!

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