Thursday, September 12, 2013

8 Months!!!

How far along: 32 Weeks!

Size of baby: Squash!

Baby weight: +2 lbs. = 141 lbs. (+26 lbs. from pre-baby weight and + 21 from first weigh-in). I have NO idea where this baby weight is hiding...I mean I have definitely noticed the gain in my belly/hip/thigh region, but it's still mind boggling!  

Showing?: Oh yes, there is no denying this baby bump!

Maternity Clothes: Not really - just wearing bigger sizes, maxi dresses, and workout need to dress up when D wants to play outside all day!

Stretch marks: Nope, but everything is starting to expand...

Movement: Oh yes! He wiggles ALL.THE.TIME! I hate when he doesn't wiggle....even at night! His movement is just a constant reminder all is well and he's growing stronger each day!

Gender: Still a boy!

Belly button in/out: It's more flat than in or out :)

Morning sickness: Gone minus the occasional headache :)

Cravings: Have pretty much slowed down. He's getting so big I'm starting to lose room for food! I notice I can't eat as much at each meal, which equals many little snacks!

Exercise: Still walking and trying to lift weights again - the couch is just so much more appealing these days!

Energy: Comes and goes. Movement is just hard these days and D wants to play all.the.time! I feel like I exert a TON of energy just getting up and down!

What I miss: Still sleep and energy!

What I won't miss: Lack of energy, but then again will I ever get that back?!

What I'm looking forward to: My best friends wedding and our baby shower. The wedding is the last big hoo-rah before little bits arrives and a couple sweet girlfriends of mine are throwing us a small shower to welcome baby Grady!

Best Moment: Daven has started to take a slight interest in his little brother. When he moves I ask if he wants to feel and 9/10 times he will actually put his hand on my belly. Occasionally he smiles when he feels Grady kick, but most of the time he removes his hand very quickly and shakes his head "no". This little guy is going to rock his world so we are trying our best to make him feel a part of this process! Obviously the other best moment was learning little bits heart was even was a regular heartbeat at my Ob appointment the following week!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Life Lately...

Our life has been a little busy lately, thus the lack of posts! So, to make up for it, here's a plethora of pictures to make you smile! Happy Tuesday!

Potty Training Update

Well, Daven and I enjoy eating the M&Ms...that counts right?! After buying all the goodies to conquer potty training, Daven decided he just wasn't ready. The first day he did great and seemed excited about sitting on his potty, but after that he'd start to throw a hissy fit when we asked him if he needed to potty...bribery didn't even work and he REALLY didn't like the idea of only getting one M&M each time (he's got a sweet tooth like his mama).

On top of that, he HATES the big boy undies - it's like we are torturing him when we ask him to put them on (we've washed them in whisk to help soften them up, but he still hates them)! 

The real kicker? He peed in his big boy undies and could have cared less...doesn't that just seem uncomfortable? When we asked him if he peed, he just shook his head no and ran away - we didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday son!

SO, we are taking potty training VERY slowly, like snail speed slow! Why traumatize or force the issue when he doesn't want to actively participate AND his brother will be here in 52 (+/-) days! I really don't want to deal with D peeing and pooping all over the floor while trying to nurse AND clean up explosive infant diapers...isn't parenthood glamorous?!