Saturday, October 12, 2013

Daven's 1st (official) haircut!!

Well the day has finally come! Daven finally got his first official haircut. For those of you who remember my haircutting debacle then you remember his dumb and dumber Loyd cut that I accidentally gave him. It was bad...VERY bad! After 10 months of letting it grow out, we decided it was time to cut off all those curly red locks, plus we knew we wouldn't have time once Grady arrived!

Daven was such a big boy and seemed to REALLY enjoy the haircut...he looked quite lulled by the clippers many a time! The nice discovery is his hair does have a wave to it, so we may not have lost the curls completely!

Momma's getting used to his hair being gone, but he loves his new do and the fact that he looks like Daddy!

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