Tuesday, October 8, 2013

East Coast Traveler!

Hello Family and Friends! So sorry for the long hiatus - we've spent the week getting back into the swing of our so-called life after a fun-filled two week trek of the east coast for my best friend's wedding! We had such a wonderful time and are so thankful for our amazing families who opened up their homes to us both way during our travels - I often take for granted how blessed we are with the wonderful people in our lives!

Jennifer was a beautiful bride and it was a beautiful wedding! We are so blessed to have been able to spend it with her and partake in her big day! I couldn't be more happy for my best friend and her new husband...he's a keeper! We will definitely be planning another trip to Boone as it was by far one of the prettiest places I've seen and the people were so nice and laid back. All in all it was a wonderful wedding weekend!

This was Daven's third or fourth trip up the east coast....kind of crazy for an almost two year old! The kids a traveling fool! On top of that, Momma finally did something for herself and chopped off all that hair! It was quite a drastic change and D is still getting used to it not being as easily accessible, but it needed a change desperately!

We had a wonderful trip, but are very happy to be home to wait out the last month of this pregnancy before we become a family of four!

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