Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Grady's Birth Story

Although I've tried to keep everyone updated with pictures of the boys, I've yet to tell y'all just about our sweet new addition, Master Grady Alexander Varn!

We prayed Grady would make his arrival prior to his due date, but weren't actually prepared for him doing so! Luckily, I'd packed weeks earlier and already spoken with neighbors about taking Daven so we were somewhat prepared for d-day! 

I've heard the horror stories of women going into labor or their water breaking and they didn't know it...well I am officially one of "those" women. My water broke around 2:30am, but I truly thought I'd just peed myself. I know, TMI, but it's the truth! Two hours later, many google searches (yep, I went there), and peeing myself three more times (think I would have gotten the hint), I woke Nathan and told him I was going to go up to the hospital to be on the safe side. I was having contractions about every 10 minutes, but I wasn't in pain so I thought I was just being paranoid. The poor front desk guy thought I was crazy. His exact words, "you think your water broke and you drove yourself here, but you don't need a wheelchair and you're not in pain?! Umm, okay, follow me".  Sure enough, lil bits was going to be making his arrival that day and I was in labor, natural labor! Apparently my contractions were actually 2-4 minutes apart, but I wasn't feeling them unless they were off the charts big - apparently I really do have a high tolerance for pain! 

The phone call was made to the hubs that we were having this baby and off he went to get D squared away, pack an overnight bag, and join me in the waiting game. Once he arrived we spoke with our Doctor (my OB was out of town) and he explained that since we'd already been in labor for four hours (I'd waited two hours before heading to the hospital....yep I was in that much denial) he highly recommended that we push pitocin in order to get this labor rolling. Being that D had a more laborious birth, we took his recommendation, numbed me up with a good ole' epidural and got the ball rolling. I did forewarn the nurse that as soon as she pushed both those drugs my labor was most likely going to go from 0-60 in a matter of minutes (I dilated in 30 minutes from 1cm to 10 cm with D). Did she believe me? Nope, but she did when Grady's heart rate dropped to 50 and wasn't going back up. Why? Within the time she'd pushed the pitocin to the time she left for lunch (30 minutes) Grady had decided he was coming.right.now! Three pushes and pulling another Doctor off the floor (our Doctor for the day was stuck in traffic) our little bits was born in 10 minutes! Easiest and quickest labor ever! The nurses were even shocked at how quickly everything went down! Although easy, it was downright crazy. We had four nurses fly through the door and tell me that we had to do x,y,z to make sure baby was okay. They threw an oxygen mask on me and actually freaked me out that something was terribly wrong with Grady. He was fine, but just coming ASAP.

A healthy Grady Alexander was born at 12:10pm at 6 lbs. 10 oz. and 20".

Our first night was a breeze and 24 hours later we were taking our sweet baby home. He's been fairly easy ever since and LOVES to eat (aka "Bruiser"). Seriously, the kid eats like a fiend...falls asleep and then wakes up to eat again! Grady dropped 8oz. from his birth weight in 48 hrs. so I worked hard to get him back up. Within three days he'd already put his birth weight back on plus an ounce...again our nurses were stunned and I was quite proud. His current demon, like D, is sleeping. He's not a good evening sleeper due to falling asleep while nursing (impossible to wake him) and then is hungry thirty minutes later...evenings are HARD! Plus, D has decided he's still sleeping in our bed.

Unlike D, this kid does seem to get all the ailments - we've already called the doctor hotline and had an impromptu visit. Turns out little bits has clogged tear ducts and thus we've had to be very diligent about keeping his eyes cleaned. The good news, he's gained another two ounces since his prior check-up (two days prior). I told ya, the kid is an eating champ and I'm very sore!

We are in LOVE with our little boy and I am in LOVE with my house full of boys! I love how goofy/sweet my King and Prince are and it looks like this little guy may be a little more docile like his Mama - I am so blessed!

Update** Since writing his birth story, G man's little personality has truly come out - he's still sweet and pretty mellow, but definitely stubborn and wants what he wants when he wants it! Who said Red heads were the only headstrong ones?! 

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