Friday, November 22, 2013

Week One: Two Kids, One Momma

Sorry family and friends for the lack of posts containing lots of pictures of our ridiculously good looking Varn offspring (seriously, they're pretty cute)! This was our first week without an extra pair of hands so it's been a little chaotic/slow going and all morning PJ parties! 

Alas, we made it and no one was harmed in the process....okay, so maybe Nate and I are living in a state of perpetual fog, but the kiddo's are alive and thriving, which is all that truly matters right?!

Daven has surpassed all our expectations and been such a big boy! He loves to check on Grady and make sure he's okay, helps me grab things (with a few reminders, but he's still helping), and has learned the art of playing solo - this one makes my heart hurt a little because I feel so bad that I can't give him my full attention anymore, but he seems to be okay with the adjustment. In turn, I try to give him as much attention as possible when Grady is asleep...and neglect the fifty other things I have to do around the house like laundry, clean, grocery shop (that one scares me with two kiddos)! 

Grady, aka Bruiser, has been an adjustment. Obviously God gives you Mommy brain so that you forget all the no so fun moments of early childhood. You know, the sleepless nights, ear piercing shrills, and constant diaper changes to name a few. The kid just doesn't like to sleep for more than 2 hours at ANY given time and wants to eat ALL THE if he could have an IV drip of breastmilk he'd be so very happy! We tried to supplement with formula to fill this little bugger up, but nope, he was still hungry and got a stomachache...Grady-1, Mom-0.

BUT, even with the few rough patches we've accomplished a lot this week as well!

- I've gotten dressed every day...go Mom! Yep, yoga pants count as clothes right now!
- We've made two outings...the park and target - huge accomplishment NOT to have a screaming child!
- We took a walk WITH Cooper...yep this Momma took both boys in the double jogger plus the Coop nugget for a 1 mile was quite a sight to see!
- The clothes got washed...and some got folded. Put away? Hah - funny...
- The house was swept and dusted - I just couldn't stand the dog hair for one more minute!
- We've mastered the Moby Wrap! This is huge since G wants to be held 24/7 and D wants to ride his bike or swing everyday rain or shine.
- I had my first solo 24 blew and involved lots of tears and tested patience, but we survived...barely!

Were getting there slowly, but were getting there...xoxo

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